Just A Little Embarrassment...

As I'm walking through the halls I see this very, very attractive male. So, being the classy girl that I am, I think, "Mhm, I'd like to have a piece of that!" And right as I'm about to give him the "let's get it on" grin/wink/eye-contact look, I suddenly feel my legs give way. "Oh, God, I'm down!" I think. That's when I fall going up the stairs, not down them like normal people, but UP them. How do you even do that? I'm not really sure, but ask my feet, they'll be sure to tell you. Anyway, after I get past the oh-****-i'm-alive-and-nothings-broken feeling I continue on my red-faced way. But then it hit me, this good looking man, tall, long blonde hair, glasses (not nerdy though... well, maybe a tad), and five o'clock shadow growing near those luscious lips, did not even stop to ask if I was okay. He did not even glance. Give me a reassuring nod. Look surprised. Laugh. Nothing. He did not even acknowledge me. In which case I thought two things, 1.) What a motherf*****! and 2.) THANK GOD!

But in other news, I found out that beautiful specimen is in one of my classes.

This will be a good semester, no doubt.
NorahLee NorahLee
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

A true gentleman would have went to help u and wat a way it would have been to start a relationship, u literally falling or him lol (that would have made a good story for the kids), or he may have been too cool to notice and thought helping u might have embarassed u or the ******* was focused on another girl. he really should have been a gentleman though

Haha, yes, it would have been a great start. Too bad, though! Everything happens for a reason. :)