Six Flags Over Maxes

Went to Six Flags.  Rode the Roaring Rapids.  Went to the ladies room and discovered my pantyliner was awol.  Went back to the RR ride to make sure it wasn't a floater (don't know why I felt the need to do this).  Boat 3 (Dale Ernhardt's # - that's why I remember it).  Couldn't locate it...

Now the embarrasing part:  Walked around the park for 5-6 hours with a wet T-shirt on.  My mom, who was walking behind me said, "Hey, how did you hurt your back?  Why do you have that big bandage in the middle of your back?"

This is a true story, ladies.

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6 Responses Oct 3, 2008

Aboslutely hilarious! Well, the good news is that you will soon be finished with having to deal with that issue... Nothing better, let me tell you...

See, had you a diaper on you could have smiled like the Mona Lisa and felt comfy knowing you had the control adn were not wet and embarressed. Please forgive the bad spelling. Here's smiling at you.

Ha! I just found this story..cracked me up. It's worse the toilet paper dangling on your shoe...too cute.

oh girl! that is a horror story! talk about embarrassing!!!!! why did this have to happen on a day ur supposed to have fun. I one time was shat on by a bird at Six Flags bright red-purple poo on my light colored shirt

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i am laughing WITH u !!! omg i have SO had this type of experince *groan* (doubles over in embarrassment)

OMG I woulda died from emberassment!!