English Teacher Sees It All In Swimming Lesson.

My English teacher (Mrs Thompson) was an attractive 30 something blond female. I was 14 and physically very young for my age. I was timetabled for swimming after English on Tuesday mornings. I was a poor swimmer and was in a class where most kids were younger than me. School policy was that we were naked for swimming. One week I learn't that Mrs Thompson would be standing in for the swimming teacher (a woman I was used to being nude in front of). I remember sitting in the English class before swimming both dreading and slightly excited by the fact that soon I would be out of my uniform and standing completely nude in front of Mrs Thompsonand that she was going to see my penis and how undeveloped I was. When the bell rang and I nervously handed in my homework as quickly as possible to my horror she said "and I'll be seeing you again in a minute" with a smile. The next time I saw her or she spoke to me I would be nude!!! I felt a stirring down below at this though. A few minutes later in the changing room I nervously took off my underpants having a hard time keeping my excitement down. An erection would be about the worst thing that could happen. As I walked down the cold passageway to the pool and through the icy foot wash I was far to conscious of my nakedness bobbing along, and was thankful that the temperature helped keep things under control. Finally as I entered the pool I experienced a massive humiliating thrill as I saw Mrs Thompson who was waiting for us to line up infront of her, turn and look at me and raise her eyebrows. My penis jumped a few degrees. "Come on Jon you're last" she said "quickly". As I hurried to her I felt my penis bob up and down quite stiffly. I looked down to see all 1.5 inches sticking out in front of me bouncing half erect. I felt almost sick with humiliation as I joined the end of the line. Although I was at the tallest by at least 3 or 4 inches, my attractive English teacher could now clearly see that where it mattered I fit right in with the younger boys, having no hair, undescended testicles and actually being one of the "smaller" boys. It felt like I stood there for an eternity as she gave us instructions for the lesson. I stood there trying to keep my penis from becoming erect but ultimately failed and I self consciously squirmed as it throbbed to the full 2 inches at a 1-o-clock angle. I started to cover myself with my hands but realized that would only draw attention to it so as she came to talk to me I felt I had no choice but to leave my hands at my side and try and make it look as innocuous as possible by sticking my chest and stomach out. But it just ended up pointing straight at her.  Worst of all she though I needed to pee and asked me. Embarressed I said no, then she smiled and said "don't be shy I've seen lots of little boys before". Little boys!!! Oh, I felt so humiliated. I returned to a normal pose feeling very small, my penis sticking up and out on full display. Suddenly in front of everyone I began to cry! Mrs Thompson asked the other boys to go into the pool but took me to one side by the pool. "Whats the matter Jon" she said. She sat on the side, I stood before her my penis now at her eye level, bobbing as I sobbed. I was a little boy. "I..I'm embarressed because I only have a little winkle" (the baby name my mother used for it) I stammered quietly. As if to emphasize this my penis rapidly shank. "oh don't worry it'll grow one day" she said with a kind smile and rubbing my bare bottom with one hand while she held my hand with the other. I began to calm down, luckly none of the other boys were paying any attention. "But it's so small" I said. "Jon" she replied "you'll grow up soon enough. Don't be ashamed in front of me". I tried to stop crying, a tear rolled down my cheek, dropped onto my belly and then rolled down over my penis, dripping off the end. Then another, but she wiped this one off my winkle with a tissue before it dropped. I realised then that I was just a little boy and it was natural to be naked in front of a woman of her age. i had nothing to hide, I was not a man and I needed to be cared for.  Later I stood before her without shame as she explained how I could improve my backstroke and made me practice my arm and hand movements infront of her. I was eager to show her how well I could do it and was no longer self-concious of my penis as it bounced up and down.
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May 22, 2012