It happened to me again. This time wasnt quite in school but i had been in a sort of club that was outdoorsy and we had gone out on a camping trip in a forest area. It had been two days since we got there and me and 2 other girls had gone out looking for wood to use for a fire.

It was also not just me who it happened to but it was all three of us.

I was almost alone because the other two were nearby but not right next to me. Or i thought i was. Unknown to any of us was that three men were hiding in the undergrowth. When the other girls werent looking one of them grabbed me from behind round my mouth and another grabbed and lifted my legs. They dragged me into a wooden hut where they gagged me and then tied my arms and legs.

Then they left and locked the door. After a few minutes i heard tabby calling for me. All of a sudden her calls stopped and i heard a muffled squeal. Then i heard the lock being opened and tabby AND gina were thrown in. The men then followed and locked the door atfer themselves.

We were trapped. Then men then took off all our clothes except for our bras and panties and in ginas case, white cotton tights. I had been wearing tinkerbell pants and abra wheras tabby had hello kitty and gina had on minnie mouses.

I got so scared of what they might do but in the end they just left with our clothes and left us nearly naked in a drafty wooden hut for the night.

Somehow i fell asleep but all to soon i was woken up and found myself being dragged across the forest floor with tabby and gina on either side of me being dragged also. It hurt a lot. Eventually we found ourselves in a clearong where the men stopped and tied my hands to one sturdy branch of one of tje trees that meant i was stood up with my hands and arms above my head. My body and underwear were fully on show. The same had also been done to tabby and gina.

Later on i found i was getting desperate to pee and it seemed that gina was too because she was squirming. Tabby had a small wet patch on the front of her hello kitty panties where it was obvious that she had wet herself a tiny bit. Then the.patch got slightly bigger and the men walked over to her and zoomed in on crotch.with.a.camcorder and she squealed and started squirming thrying to turn her body away from them.

Then one of the men slapped her across the face and she just let loose. Her panties were soaked very quickly and she coninued to wet.for a long time. When she finally stopped the men came over to me and one of themgrabbed my bra on my left breast.and he then squeezed. It hurt a lot and i wet my panties a small bit and they werent soaked but just had a clearly visible patch in the middle of them.

Gina hadnt stopped her squirming and she.had.already got a very wet pair of.panties and tights. NOT good. The three men went over to her and put the camera behind her bum and i realised she was about to poop her pants. As i was tied.up behimd her i could see everything. A small bulge stated to appear in the back of her white panties. The bulge grow very quickly and it was soon the size of a small tennis ball. At this point it started to leak out of her panties and into her tights. She still didnt stopp thought and she kept going until i could no longer see her panties because her poop had gon all round the.sides and completely covered them up. Eventually she stoppedand then one of the men grabbed ne and untied me. He grabbed my hand and made me rub ginas *** so that her **** went between her legs and into her *****. They then untied gina from the tree and lay her on the ground. I was then forced to lie ontop of her so that i was lay back on her chest. They then pulled down ginas tights.and both of.our panties and slid ginas onto my legs then pulled them up in such a way that we were both wearing ginas panties at the same time. They then did the same to my panties and finally to ginas tights. Then they made gina rub her **** on me in the same way they mqde to her.

After continheing to make us do thing to each other the men left and we were left with me lyning on gina with u both tied togetber and.sharing the panties qbd her tights. I found myself then needing to poop myself but i just couldnt hold it and i pooped straight into ginas crotch.

In the evening the rest of.the group asleep and i dont know what happened from then because i was.asleep.
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I am sorry that happened to you and it sounded like they were making an erotic movie

i really hope thisis a joke or i pray to gor you reported it as it sounds a lot like things there done to us kids over a few years by a church group

and the only think they had to do was leave the country

years later i had a run in with the assistant pastor of the group of the rape of his daughter and his youngest daughter
he made the mistake of asking me if i wanted some more i told him i was not 5 years old any longer and he said soemthing and i made my first mistake i walked out the back door first when i heard a voice yell gun as i dropped to the ground the lady that lived with us and my grandfather stood there as she blew his balls off with her 357

years later the pastor was killed and the system seemed to think i had something to do with it as the little boy siad 2 black fish came ut of the water when the man was tring to hurt his bottom and took him to this little island then the boat blew up

he said the fish stay with him till boats arrived and saw the fire he was sitting by then saiod good bye and went back into the water