Tight Uniform

I've had so many embarrassing moments in school, mostly because of my uniform! I've popped blouse buttons and had my skirt snag on things, but the most embarrassing times have been when my trousers split.
The worst time was probably when I was doing an assembly, reading off cards. I don't like having to talk in front of crowds, so I was already pretty nervous, my hands were shaking, and that made me drop the cards!
So I bent over to pick them up, and there was a massive ripping noise, that echoed around the room! I had my back away from the school, so only the people sat behind me up on the stage saw my white floral knickers, but everyone knew I'd split my trousers!
So humiliating!
ChristieQ ChristieQ
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 29, 2012

Sorry to hear about that. School can be awkward and cruel enough without adding something like that to the mix.

One time in drama class I accidentally walked in on a female classmate who was changing in our spare room. As soon as she saw me she screamed, of course, which brought everyone else charging to her rescue. Definitely an uncomfortable moment for both of us, and I apologized profusely afterwards.

Oh, yes. I too remember those good old days!