My Father In Law Saw My Boobs!!

Tonight while visiting with my in laws - my husband inadvertently showed his dad a naughty pic of me!!! Boobs and all!! Then announces to the whole table "oops!!! That's not the condenser line !! That's my wife's boobs!!!". Everything went silent. I wanted to die. Then he says "what?? You sent it to me!!!". Father in law is is hysterically laughing . . .
Ughghghh seriously!!! I want to DIE!!!
HisWetWife HisWetWife 46-50, F 13 Responses Aug 24, 2010

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Oh to be your father in law !! Enjoy not die !! Fathers in law are human and very male !

may i

love john

I guess you could look at it and say . He could have seen more. I would like to see what he saw!

Babe with **** like yours to hell with being shy or embarrassed ....damn they are fabulous n need to shown off as much as possible to have seen the photo that time so i could have told you just how beautiful they and you are

i would say; some men are proud,,,john

Now THAT is Funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Thank you for sharing, it was a wonderful story.

the guy has probably been dying to see them since you first started dating hubby just look on it as your good dee for the day! but i think you should make hubby sweat a bit maybe threaten to have a nude picture of him on display next time your parents visit or even actually do it!

Uuugggh!! That "ain't right"!!! THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!!! <br />
shame on you!!!

So, soon your Fatherinlaw may be ******* to you?

Embarrassing, but funny....... thanks for sharing with us.

LOL That is funny! Hope your father-in-law enjoyed the picture