My Father In Law Saw My Boobs!!

Tonight while visiting with my in laws - my husband inadvertently showed his dad a naughty pic of me!!! Boobs and all!! Then announces to the whole table "oops!!! That's not the condenser line !! That's my wife's boobs!!!". Everything went silent. I wanted to die. Then he says "what?? You sent it to me!!!". Father in law is is hysterically laughing . . .
Ughghghh seriously!!! I want to DIE!!!
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18 Responses Aug 24, 2010

My Dad has seen more than just my wifes boobs. Wendy loves my Dad and has sex with him whenever we have the opportuinity. My Mum and Dad are serious swingers so Mum is OK with them doing it.

I wish my wife would send me pictures like that, or let me take them... I've "accidentally" let some female friends of mine see naked pictures of me that are on my phone, or "accidentally" sent them an e-mail. It's a real thrill, especially when they respond with a positive comment...

Sure he got one heck of a surprise!

Just keeping it in the family

Lol... horrible
Tell him to dl an app that'll keep those separate :)

At least your boobs look amazing!

Sounds like good fun. I hope you are all a very happy family still.

Hope you have sent many more sexy photos to him - and possibly to others who will fully appreciate receiving them. ;)

Oh I am sorry. That must have been so embarrassing. I am sure your father in law was a happy man. But still how embarrassing.

My fiancee and her mother are quite close and talk openly about many things. While visiting this summer she showed her Mom a pic of me naked to test her reaction. I was quite surprised to say the least when she told me. I am pretty sure I would have turned red if I had been there. But... as Mom says .. I have nothing to hide from her now.

i bet he wanks off thinking about you

Doesn't sound like an accident - more like a set up.

Bet they cooked it up between them.

OMG I can only imagine your embarrassment!

I guess you could look at it and say . He could have seen more. I would like to see what he saw!

Now THAT is Funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Thank you for sharing, it was a wonderful story.

the guy has probably been dying to see them since you first started dating hubby just look on it as your good dee for the day! but i think you should make hubby sweat a bit maybe threaten to have a nude picture of him on display next time your parents visit or even actually do it!

Embarrassing, but funny....... thanks for sharing with us.