My Father In Law Saw My Boobs!!

Tonight while visiting with my in laws - my husband inadvertently showed his dad a naughty pic of me!!! Boobs and all!! Then announces to the whole table "oops!!! That's not the condenser line !! That's my wife's boobs!!!". Everything went silent. I wanted to die. Then he says "what?? You sent it to me!!!". Father in law is is hysterically laughing . . .
Ughghghh seriously!!! I want to DIE!!!
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oMG...that could be so embarrassing!


Dont ever kid yourself. I "caught"my daughter in law and loved it. She enjoyed it too and let the situation be a good one. I have let her catch me too. We are much closer for it. Dont let it bother you. Your husband must be pretty proud ofyou. Send him some real good ones and let him "brag"to his friends accidentally of course

lucky father in law! did you catch him trying to sneak another peek at his phone??

i bet he wanks off thinking about you

Did it thrill you?

Doesn't sound like an accident - more like a set up.

Bet they cooked it up between them.

OMG I can only imagine your embarrassment!

maybe husband wants dad to help out

lucky father inlaw ,,, guess there is a little thrill in knowing what you look like ? guess he is a part of your hubby

Oh to be your father in law !! Enjoy not die !! Fathers in law are human and very male !

may i

love john

I guess you could look at it and say . He could have seen more. I would like to see what he saw!

Babe with **** like yours to hell with being shy or embarrassed ....damn they are fabulous n need to shown off as much as possible to have seen the photo that time so i could have told you just how beautiful they and you are

i would say; some men are proud,,,john

Now THAT is Funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Thank you for sharing, it was a wonderful story.

the guy has probably been dying to see them since you first started dating hubby just look on it as your good dee for the day! but i think you should make hubby sweat a bit maybe threaten to have a nude picture of him on display next time your parents visit or even actually do it!

Uuugggh!! That "ain't right"!!! THAT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!!! <br />
shame on you!!!

So, soon your Fatherinlaw may be ******* to you?

Embarrassing, but funny....... thanks for sharing with us.

LOL That is funny! Hope your father-in-law enjoyed the picture