Mental And Physical Not Okay

Until i was eight i was abused by my former mother as i like to call her. Then i didn't notice i didn't feel it until now, i'm 13 but i feel like i've longer than that. My mother was a naturally aggresive person and probably did drugs. She use to tell me that i was worthless or going to burn in hell for being inpure. Now i know what she meant because her words have started an after effect. Only three friends believe me and one said " that never happened, no one does that" and only one friend understands me. Now I feel her words and her abuse but its too late, im not menally or physically okay.
FragileAndShattered FragileAndShattered
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

This kind of thing happens to many people who were abused. People around them had them convinced that the abuse didn't happen. The problem is when one starts to believe that things didn't happen to them for real, they stop reaching out to people that could help them. I had myself believed that for day it all came back and now I wish I got some closure back then. I don't want you to stop trying to reach out. Don't bury it inside you like I did. I am twice your age and I have hard time coping. If I would have gotten help back then, I would be in a much better place right now.