Sure Was ...

i was by NO means a chubby kid ... as a matter of fact i was always referred to as, "monkey" for 'spider monkey' because i was always tall and thin...

nonetheless, once my stepfather grew disenchanted with his marriage to my mom and he began to drink more and more ... he began telling me on a regular basis what a fat a$$ i was and how the only small part of my body was my ears and nose!

that was just ONE of his many favorites and as i got older it got worse ...

at 16 i went and got my hair cut.  i walked in the front door to a surprise - out of town family was there!  the first thing my father said, before i could even greet my family from out of state, "you finally succeeded in making yourself look like total sh!t!"  imagine my embarrassment in front of the extended family ... everyone else thought it was an adorable hair-do.  *shrugs*

thank goodness i'm old enough and strong enough to set boundaries and keep him out of my life now without feeling bad or 'missing' him.  it's just too bad he's lost his entire family due to his abusive behaviors ... sadly enough his own son won't speak to him. 

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that sounds awful! shame

Sadly, rather than tearing me down (which I'm sure was his intent) it just served to make me stronger. Although I might have a bit of body image trouble ... I'll admit to that much. :)<br />
<br />
I hate that anybody else went through anything remotely similar but ... don't allow those experiences to steal your happiness. No one person nor a group has the right to steal your smile! It is only you who can decide to stop smiling...

He got everything he deserved. What an ***.

im so sorry he did that. my family bothers me sometimes. my mom will pinch my belly fat and laugh at me and say "you should do pushups" even if im around family. everyone but family says im so skinny its crazy.<br />
im glad you've gotten stronger and dont listen to him anymore