this is not a subject i like to talk about,but my dad was very abusive when he drank and there was physical abuse in later years, i don,t have much to sayabout it only that i am glad it is over.     cattlemoose

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when this happens, it usual healing needs to take place..what people dont realize when human beings pick up habits as such, they are trying to cope with something within, numb the feeling..perhaps it can be childhood hurt, or even throughout his lifespan, u never no..hope this help..God bless

Thursday, 01Nov2012/~2 AM
Hey mycuzinvinni (yeah...I loved that movie).
I was both physically & emotionally abused by my dad too. Also, the same by my mother. She was the alcoholic, though. But, I think my dad was a SECRET alcoholic. I.e. I often heard my mom yelling at my dad for getting into her houch. Another word for booze. And I believe he physically abuse me so bad, because he had been drinking. But unlike my mom who ALWAYS had booze in her hand, I never saw my dad w/ alcohol. Like I said, a secret drinker.

Unfortunately, when mom was drunk (she did prescription drugs too), she would come into my bedroom at night and sexually molest me. She had a terrible temper when she was sober, and even dad was terrified of her. Hence, he let her do anything she wanted to do, including, sexually abuse me.

You & I have lots of similar experiences (groups), so I'm adding you to my Circle.

Thanx for your story, which I rated up to a "2", Heathland {:-{)>