Love Is A Four Letter Word

How can you say you love a child, when you constantly put them down. When I was three my father threatened to "beat the living **** out of me" for a malfunctioning light. My sister, the mouthier of the two of us, used to get the brunt of it. I watched, but was not always spared from my father's rages. We also lived with my alcholic grandmother who used to say because we were fat no one would ever date us. My mother used to grab my face and tell me she wished that I was "more like my sister". My other grandmother never hid the fact that she thought I was stupid, and told everyone with ears. I wonder if anyone else has the experience of memory "fuges" where they cannot remember spaces of time. I don't remember my childhood, with few exceptions.

Maude1135 Maude1135
Feb 13, 2010