No Adults Were Harmed In The Making Of This Film....

still i suffer through all the years .....still she can reduce me to tears by her harsh words ....make me feel like a fourteen year old hormonal spotty teenager.......make me ooze with rage and watch me lash out in frenzied fury and still she enjoys it ..... i swear my mother staged the fights between myself and my sister and brother...she took photographs and loved to cause arguments between us ....she actually took photographs of us physically fighting each other ///how sadistic and abusive is that . she got pleasure from seeing me cry i am sure of it ...crying through the emotional abuse she caused . still it continues and i have no future or descendants ..the ancestors make sure of that .......where are the family people speak of ......all i have is the haunting tones of my mothers voice echoing around this home of mine a disease no matter how much i try to destroy it cut it out like a cancer it remains ..,deep in the sorrels of my heart.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

If your mother is that much if a sadistic *****, I suggest you tell the police.