Arent They Supposed To Love You?

my father has told me so many horrible things, threatened me, and screamed at me so much that it drove me to the point of suicide contemplation.

my mother has, and always will be the way she is. theres no point in even trying at a relationship with her because no matter what i will always be her mistake. shes never going to do  thing for me to help me, never will support me, never will care.

im sorry you two got drunk one night and forgot the condom. you should have known by your other two "mistakes" (in your eyes) that birth control doesnt always work...
monsterwithinme monsterwithinme
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7 Responses Oct 27, 2011

You said you trust nobody. Would you trust somebody who has a similar misfortune as you do with parents and family?

possibly. depends on the person and situations and feelings and such.

no. no one in my family is supporitve

do you have any other elder in the family who loves you or gives you money?

parnets? no

do they give you money?

no. i dont have the trust for dating.

do you have boyfriend?