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Growing up i was emotionally and mentally abuse by peers. I would come home telling my parents the story of what had happen at school and they would say get over it. My dad is social worker, who always helped other people; but, when it cam to his family he was just there. I love him because he did give a shelter and food; but, that was not only what i needed. I needed someone to help with the scares that people were inflicting on me. He'll just say" go, i don't care..I'm working." I'm mixed so my dad can be considered white but, I'm black he doesn't know what i have to deal with on a daily bases. I tried talking to my mother but she was always distanced from me like i had something that she didn't want. I was called a loser and one time he told me" i hope jail will straighten you out". He called the cops on my one time because i was acting up. Ironically, he won the father of year award. He would spit on my face because i would talk against him. He never talked about college.....he just thought that i would eventually drop's funny because both of my parents are highly educated....I love him but, what
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Your parents sound like a pair of horrors, they werent very good role models for you they didnt encourage your career why did they even have a child! springs to mind.

Forget them, the world is your oyster and your young enough to find your happiness without them. Try not to fall into the "feeling sorry for yourself" mode, i wouldnt blame you as you have plenty to be down about but that attitude just weighs on you heavily and holds you back.

Your Dad should have treated you with more respect than that. Grew up in a very biased home myself. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

hello, hmorel67,

amazing isn't it

with all his training and experience

................ you dad couldn't see how you were suffering

....................... often seems to happen that way.

how are you doing now?

respect, from robbie

I hear and understand to some extent the issue you are dealing with. My friend, Larry spent many years struggling with who he was and how to identify himself. He is the child of a racially mixed marriage. He did not feel comfortable being either one.

It was a process, but he came to the conclusion that he needed to just be himself and not worry about the labels. Today he is happily married and has a good job -- but the journey was not easy.

You are on the right track to begin to talk and share and seek other's thoughts and ideas.

Some people will probably always be racist jerks. That's a sad truth that you have had to deal with I'm sorry for that. There ARE people who will see you for the good things you are if you show them. Not having friends is probably more of how you feel about yourself than the color of your skin.

Parents make mistakes. BIG ones sometimes. Mine did and I'm sure I've made some with my own but that doesnt make it ok to not support your own child when they need you. Your dad is/ was VERY wrong to make you feel less than cherished and amazing.

Find what you are good at, what you are passionate about and do that. Talk with a professional about the things that keep you from living a great life and someday, if you can, forgive your parents for being less than you needed. you are all you need to be, it might just take some work to bring it out!