A Moster Far More Horrible Than My Abuser.

When i was a kid i had a sexual relation with my uncle.
Back than i saw it like something normal , i was gulible and back than i was allready gay.

When i found out that it may lead to serious consecuences i was older and i had erazed all memories of that.

I went to a therapist and talked him about what happened.

It turned out my therapist was a monster far more horrible that my uncle.
My uncle never used violence or mental violence my therapist instead was a monster he worked hes way and inserted fears in my mind i cant remove.
He later blackmailed me for things i confessed to him and ended up forcing me in to having sex with him.

Appartently he got in troubles with another patient but i never went to the police because of the things he made me confess.

I just wish i would have remained alone with my troubles instead of going to him...
NadalAdal NadalAdal
26-30, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

I think its far better telling ppl to enjoy the abuse than making them feel responsible like a lot end up doing ! I know it sounds crazy but at times giving ones sanity in the hand of a stranger can bring on horrible conseguences !