I was on the lease with my (then) boyfriend.  Our relationship had lasted 7 years but it was getting frustrating.  I'm not going to get into all the details of abuse, so I'll cut to the point- I found child **** on his computer and broke up with him.  Told him to get out.  He somehow convinced the landlord that I should be evicted.  My credit apparently wasn't good enough to rent the apartment without him.  I refused to sign myself off the lease and continued living there.  During this time, my (ex)boyfriend cancelled the rent check from the month before which was paid at least 2 weeks ago.  The landlord came in and served me a 5 notice of eviction.  I told him I never received a pay or quit notice and offered the whole rent right then but he said "it's too late".  He 'claimed' in court to have served it to my (ex)boyfriend.  The court said that since he was on the lease that "that is sufficient" and I was ordered to leave within a week!  I tried to explain to the court that I offered to pay the rent but they just ignored me and said "that is sufficient, you have until >>> to vacate the premises".  The landlord then rang my doorbell every morning threatening me and telling me to get out.  I feared for my safety and installed a small lasso over the doorknob so he couldn't just come in while I was sleeping.  He just decided to kick the door in.  Then was standing in my living room swearing at me telling me he'd make me pay for the "damages".  My ex tried to break in three times after that, one time I had to physically hold the door shut so he wouldn't come in and loot the place.  The police had to come 3 or 4 times during this too.  But in the end, there is no justice.  The sherriff said he would come and take my stuff so I just got all I had and quickly left to my parent's house. 

And to prove how illegal and unjust this eviction was, my ex tried to sue me for things I allegedly "stole" from him that in all truth he never owned, or was left in the apartment.  He stated in the lawsuit that he had been paying the rent for that apartment the whole time.  If the rent was paid, and we were both on the lease.... WHY was only I evicted?  I was bullied and traumatized and there is nothing I can do.   I am just bitter and have no faith in the justice system anymore. 
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got my eviction notice yesterday. :(

I have no faith in the justice system either. I am sure that at least some of this has to do with your gender. I've found I've been able to solve this problem by moving to a state which was slightly less misogynist.

I have been through alot of **** in my life, though this story made me realise other people suffer injustice also. I'm not going to lie; I have been on the verge of surrendering with thinking that I am the sole recipient of all the developed world's injustice. Reading your story made me realise what a self obsessed piece of **** I have been lol. Your story is tragic, and I share your bitterness at the justice system. Never give up. Don't you ever give up. I know your story is old but please stay strong for all of us and thank you so much for sharing this. It was brave of you, given the amount of trolls than infest the interwebs.

I am so sorry this happened to you!. And it wasn't even your fault! I am about to get evicted and when I read your story I realize a couple of things:

* I should pack up my stuff right NOW (I will know after the 7th if I am evicted)
* I should put my pride aside and ask my family and friends to help me
* Living together is only a good idea if both can pay the rent on their own (eviction becomes a lot harder when both tentants are eligible for the rent
* Sh1t happens for real
* Love can get very messy
* I have been way to judgemental my entire life and that changes now.

Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you are ok now because your story is 6 years old.