Stupidity At Its Best

i was 12 i took a knife to school i held up my class i got expelled. i took the knife wishing to end my own life, when my only friend started laughing at a joke that was about me, this broke my so i turned the knife on him. they took a picture of the knifeĀ and blew its size up to make it look like a machette. this is from the same school that suspended me for "falure to obay teachers direct instruction" i was uncontious on the floor when the teacher told me to get off the floor and sit in the chair, this after i had been beat close to death by some hundred students, i was suspended nobody else. the teacher who suspended me an expelled me died of a brain tumor 2 weeks after. the school is in australia, caboolture state high school, casboolture queensland. never send your children to this school they care only about statistics not about your child.
monkshart monkshart
18-21, T
Feb 3, 2011