I've been expelled from 3 different schools hahaha I guess school wasn't the place for me.
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wow, what did your parents do ? Mine would beat me for hours for such things.

My mam gives out to me but nothing else.

you're lucky. Are you in school again?


I hope they won't expell you from this one!

I'll see how long I last haha

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was it for the same thing each time?

First time was for flooding the toilets(don't ask how hahaha)
Second time was for really low attendance and third time was for smoking

Generally, I don't ask if toilets are involved lol

They expel you for smoking? Sheesh.

I thought it was harsh too but I'd been caught a good few times before so it wasn't a first offence


for smoking? what the ****? that is so wrong to get expelled for that ****. those are all interesting situations though.

But I'd been caught like a million times before.

well sounds like your doing something wrong. But i like that you got caught you do it anyway, thats so bad ***. Sorry you got expelled over it though.

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