Just the Memories, Just the Thought

So I was sitting here thinking about my ex. Mistake number one. And it was because he had sent me an email. And I read it. And thats okay because we are friends. Possibly mistake number two. But then I started thinking about the memories. The way he'd make me laugh, the way he'd laugh when I'd tickle him. The way he'd kiss me or hold me, the way we just loved each other and how it made everyone sick. [hahaha] Only to realize ... that it was all a lie. Because just before he left, he said he never loved me. If that is so, how were you able to say "I Love You" so easily. I said it because I meant it. I meant it with everything I ever had. And him claiming that he loved me for so long, and now I find out there was someone else. Maybe I was that oblivious to his ****. But every time I would even get a little curious about his where abouts and ask him, he'd flip out ... perhaps i should have taken that as a sign. But oh well .... time has passed ... I just thought I'd share ...
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
Jul 26, 2007