Domestic Assault

I am utterly FURIOUS at the moment. The woman I had planned to marry accused me of blacking her eye. The situation occurred as I asked her to leave my place. She refused to leave and i called the police. Before the police arrived she ran out the door. The police came to answer the call and she came back over claiming that i punched her in our fight. I never so much as raised my voice to her while she was there. I never lay a SINGLE hand on her. I called to police, and I WAS ARRESTED. When she returned to my home, i never saw nor spoke with her, but the Police told me that she told a story of a horrible fight and she had a black eye. Not only am i dealing with the fact that my heart is broken over someone i love, but now i have to defend myself against a court system that doesn't want to hear me say anything other than "I'm guilty". From the moment she pulled back at my house, no one in the legal system has any interest in what i have to say. It is all about her allegation. Thanks for listening
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Sorry to hear that. Hope it's all cleared up now. Unfortunately, I've been there too :(

i could imagine the bs you have go thorugh.right now im being falsely accused running down two people in my car two yrs ago,the warrant barely popped up in march of this yr.such a crock,now court,lawyer fees,mortgage amongst other things.its sad when people lie,especially about something that can ruin a persons life.but if your innocent,things will work out. she ll slip ,and with gods help,all will work out fine man

I know it happens man. I'm sorry about that. The best you can do is fight it and let who you really are just shine through the lies. Domestic assaults are not funny and women should not lie about it.