Preliminary Hearing Wenesday

I am anxious. Wednesday morning I have my preliminary court hearing. I was falsely accused of 2 accounts of assault, harrassment, terroristic threats, and criminal mischief when I was a patient at a psych hospital. One of the aids was mad at me and made up all these charges which just never made sense and are totally out of character for me. I know I didn't do it, there were no damages, no proof- it's her word against mine, only she is a nurse's aid, and I am a psych patient. I spent two weeks in jail before my first hearing, which was the two worst weeks of my life, this coming from someone who suffered years of abuse, many suicide attempts, and a brush with death. I am terrified I will somehow end up back in jail and I just can't handle that. At the original hearing my lawyer talked to hers and made a deal that if I stay in treatment 3 months and do well they will just drop the charges. The three months are up. I am afraid my old treatment providers will start up something over the fact that I switched providers, but I don't really see what much they can say when I have proof of seeing the new ones. I am just really nervous though because as much as my lawyer can say it will be fine and the charges will get dropped, my record expunged, and this nightmare will be over, it is hard for me to believe that since they were saying not to worry before my arraignment and I ended up serving 2 weeks in jail. It hurts me most probably that I have had so many crimes and so much abuse perpetrated against me, and I haven't done anything to anyone yet I was the one who spent time in jail not the ones who are really guilty.
Androgosane Androgosane
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thats pretty awful... Hope you come out good.