Anonymous Letter Telling Me How Wrong Sending Anonymous Letters Is> Lol

I live in a neighborhood with strict homeowners association rules.  We are required to mow our yards, keep weeds pulled, and pick up our pets poop and we have to agree to the rules before closing on a house. Everyone knows the rules and it is a country club area.

Several neighbors asked me to sign a petition asking for stricter rules and to sign a letter about a certain neighbor.  I refused stating I had already told them to their face about my concerns and I didn't want to start a neighborhood feud.  People pointed out rightfully that it is our home's value that is most affected by them.  Our house is not for sale so I planned to wait it out and let the association handle it.

The other neighbors called the association and made them send a letter to the two neighbors.  The worst one was defiant and declared no one could make them do anything differently, though they did clean up their property.

Today I found an anonymous letter sent via the mail accusing me of sending anonymous letters directly to neighbors and to the association. I was then lectured on how they ALL knew it was me(which it was not), how they were all going to pray for my soul, and such.  I laughed and threw it away.

The writer was doing the thing she accused me of(hypocrite).  God would have never told her to send me the letter(I was not the guilty one).

My husband fears this neighbor will convince others I sent the letters and they will turn against us.  I don't want to be the outcast because I have kids that play with the neighborhood kids.

I thought of going to the two neighbors  that got letters and telling them it was not me.  I won't tell them all the neighbors, realtors, and builders who commented against the one neighbor because I hate drama and don't want to fuel the fire.  Another part of me says they should know I am the good neighbor who has helped many and they should not believe a lie.  Plus it might make me look guilty.

What would YOU do? 


WronglyAccused WronglyAccused
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I'd have stubbornly stood my ground nothing they say or do would make me change my mind