How It All Started - Final

So my sister got married and moved out and I grew to bog to wear my moms clothes so I thought that was the end of my crossdressing. Enter my wife, she was timid & shy while we dated and I was the dominate one. One of her friends Linda Told my wife Anne that she has to be a little more aggressive. The 1st thing that Linda told Anne was to kick me in the balls to show who is the boss. I still remember that day very well. Up till now Anne never struck me there and to get a hard kick when I was busting her chops was a big shock. She laughed and said "You are not so tough". Later she handed me a pair of her panties and said I was to wear them when having sex. If I ever refused she grabbed my balls and squeezed till I begged her to wear them. From wearing her panties during sex till wearing my own on weekends to wearing them full time took several years. Buying them was an experience on its own. Then came dresses, skirts, bras blouses and heels. Yes I like to crossdress but I was made into a submissive sissy, had taken hormones for several months, and now I wear panties 24x7 and skirts/dresses at home. Her mother, my niece and several friends know about it. She wants more people to know. I am not allowed to have sex with her and she is looking for a stud to do her and for me to prep, insert and clean up. This is now my life.
Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed.
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4 Responses Dec 13, 2010

Wow...I don't know what to say about this how could u let that happen

Seriously don't just give up, I swear u can literally fix this somehow XD

sweetie, sounds like see is a wonderful woman, hope she finds a real man and allows you to remain a sissy

be happy with your wife ,i wish mine be copy-paste as your s an dgive me like and wish to be woman so be happy with wife and all family relationships..i wish to be in your body ill be so so happy

it sounds like your really complaining. So why don't you go sit down like a good sissy, and wait for her to tell what to do next. Be careful or she will put you into diapers while she is deciding what to do with you.