Last summer my stepmom woke me up and stayed a bit as we talked. she saw my morning erection and things went from there. she woke me each day from then on. she talked about a lot of things and joked about me being her pretty houseboy. she is watching me type this and fastening my bra now.
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Great Step Mom. What does your dad say about it? Is it a problem or...?

well, it all started when stepmommy woke me last summer. she told me i didn't have to go to work cuz the place i worked went out of business. she said just stay home and stay in bed and something else will come along soon. she smiled at me and leaned down and kissed me like she always does. after she kissed me she saw the tent under the sheet. i sleep naked. she looked back and forth from the tent to my eyes a few times and asked if i was feeling ok. i smiled and nodded yes. she said to relax and close my eyes and she would give me a little massage. i did but my tent was showing even more. i just stayed laying on my back kind of rigid like. she didnt say anything but just leaned over and ran her hands pretty much all over me starting with my legs, calves and thighs and feet, all with the sheet being the only thing covering me. i stayed still and kept my eyes closed most of the time. when she went from my legs to my chest and arms she let her hand accidentally, maybe, hit my tent pole everytime. about 6 times going from my lower body to my upper body. at first i opened my eyes when she'd accidentally hit it and see her smiling at me. that's when i knew she kept hitting my pole on purpose. so i just stayed still and closed my eyes again. the last time she hit it i was so excited that my popsie, as i learned to call it, spurted my ***** and my tent pole was moving while it came and even after, with nobody touching it. we both looked at the sheet on top of it and saw it getting wet and our eyes met and we just stared at each other. she said oops!...and smiled a real sexy smile and we just looked at each other and the sheet until my popsie stopped moving and spurting. she smiled big and said breakfast would be ready in 15 minutes and that i should brush my teeth and come downstairs. i said ok and that was the first day. every day got better and better and i remember them all so fondly now and thats how i feel. she never showed any guilt about anything and i just went with it. and between that day and now somehow i became her pretty houseboy, and housegirl now, and its all been wonderful. i hope it never ends and i think she feels the same way.

Yes, please do, would love to hear all the details.<br />
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