As You Can Read, My Wife Is Starting To Take More And More Control, Part 1

Falling for a feminine way
This all started about 2 years ago, it really didn’t seem to mean much of anything at the time. Me and my wife were getting ready to attend a wedding for a close friend, and as usual, a bit rushed. Hopping out of the shower, I quickly noticed I have no clean underwear. Crap hun, I grumbled, you didn’t do the laundry again. She never seems to get wound up about anything, just looking at me with that “oh well” look on her face. I’m not going to wear a dirty pair all day, I’ll have to go to the store, now were really gona be late. No she said, I am not going to show up to this wedding late, everyone always looks at you like you’re an idiot when you try to sneak in. If you don’t want to wear a dirty pair, here just wear one of mine. Going to her dresser she starts to fumble though her drawer then hand me a pair of simple white panties, nothing super girly, no lace, just plan. Here she says, these will work, not so different than yours, just a little tighter, no big  deal. Not having much choice, I take them, hold them up to give em a good look, as she says “you just may like them” come on, put em on, I want to see how cute you look; or did you want to pick you out a different pair? No, ok but not a word to anyone I explained as pulling them up to my waist. Actually they were very comfortable, real soft, fit like a glove. As I used my hands to feel the soft material incasing me, I see my wife catching the pleased look on my face. Feel good don’t they? You look really nice in them, sure you don’t want to try some other cute ones on? She seemed to really like it, I could see the spark in her eyes. Stop it I said, this is no big deal, let’s just get going.
Well that day seemed to be a bit of a trigger of events in our lives, mostly my wife’s desire to make me join in on the softer side of things. Yeah, the panties did feel good, everyone should try it, but that was about it for me, I don’t have any huge desire to wear girly or feminine things. Don’t get me wrong, we did have a great time that day, seemed to give us a bit of sexy spark that continued after we got home. She even talked me into a wearing a different pair the next day, they were way more sexy and feminine and actually made me feel that way. I guess this is partially my fault for having some fun with it in the early stages. I could tell she really enjoyed this new adventure, we had some of the best sex we’ve ever had, and she couldn’t keep her hands off me. I enjoyed that but, didn’t realize how things would slowly and continually progress, that this was just the beginning.
About a week later, I noticed 5 or 6 new pair of assorted types of woman’s panties in my underwear drawer. As I was examining them my wife entered the bedroom and ask me if I would wear the “boy shorts” style, she had that spark in her eye. Wow your really liking this I said, I was a bit aroused by her look and took advantage of the moment. Boy short style I inquired, yeah, she explained their not for boys exactly it’s just a style, I really want to see you in them, as she sorts though my drawer and pulls out an almost see though lacy pair of very small panties. I put them on, they were short and very tight, the stretchy fabric squeezed everyplace, and fit like a glove no longer explains the fit. Next I notice, she’s wearing the same panties. Even though my concerns are starting to grow, I was just having too much fun to make it a big deal. The feeling of pure femininity came over me, the way the panties felt, they way they exposed me. They way she caressed me over the panties tugging up tight, I simply felt like I was a woman. She told me later that day, that I was made to wear panties, she loved me in them and knows I like the way they feel on me, saying that I acted differently when wearing them and she likes it. Yeah, this was fun but, wow, she’s really making her point and sort of serious about it, I’m just not sure how to take that, what was next or what to do about it.
Over the next several weeks I kept noticing more and more feminine things showing up in my dresser, closet and bathroom, then would get soft or slight suggestions on what to do with them, or when to wear them or even what to do when wearing them. The first thing I noticed in addition to having none of my old underwear was a new pink razor and hair removal cream along with other lotions on my side of the bathroom vanity. Then my robe went missing and hanging in its place was a short woman’s robe with Betty Boop’s picture all over it. I was beginning to notice changes or additions almost every day. I simply haven’t been able to start or generate a serious conversation about all this with her, seems like I’m just along for the ride with no idea how to stop it. At this point I was wearing panties every day, all day, just seemed to be normal, even a bit routine, even with a huge assortment of types, materials and styles to pick from. My wife would always make some sort of comment regarding the panties as we were getting ready for bed each night. One such night, she asked me to wear a specific pair for the next day, nothing special, she just left them out, on top of my dresser. I didn’t really think much about it, she was the one who really likes how they look anyway. What I didn’t know at the time, was that this was the last night I would have in bed with just panties on. The next night positioned neatly on my side of the bed was the first night gown she wanted me to wear, it was a very silky, very feminine looking night gown, much similar to one that my wife had herself. Lying on top of the nightgown was the pink razor and hair removal cream that I had still not used. I picked up the gown and headed to the open doorway, loudly declaring that this has gone too far, I’m not wearing this. After a slight delay I got a stern response “Oh you will wear it, you will get rid of your body hair and you will be glad you did” I didn’t know what to say, she was getting more bossy about this and other things every day, just not something I expected or anticipated in anyway. There I was standing in the door way holding hair remover cream in one hand and a pink nightgown in the other, she walks right past me grinning ear to ear. I’m running you a bath, your gona love the feeling of silk on your hairless body, I promise, and I promise to love it with you. Well, again a bit un-resistible, so, I took the bath, followed her hair removing instructions, and now with just about no hair on my body, I see my wife, wearing the exact same nightgown, looking incredibly sexy, rubbing lotion on her legs. She hand me the lotion instructing me to apply to my entire body. She was right, my skin was very different, the lotion seemed to penetrate in, making my skin feel like silk. I have never felt anything like it before, I felt a bit stunned, incased if you will in the femininity. The panties seemed to just slip up my legs into position then I raised the gown above my head, lead my hands under the dainty straps and let the gown fall down my body into place, with almost no adjustment, it seemed to give a soft hug in several places, flowing like silk in others. I looked at myself in the mirror, it had such a soft color, sort of shinny and ended well above my knees with ruffled lace making my now hairless legs look like they never had before. I could see the outline of the deeper pink colored panties though the light material, it was like I wasn’t even looking at myself, and I felt that I was being swallowed by the softness and femininity. I couldn’t help but to  caress myself through the silky gown. Again, my wife catches me in a moment of pure feminine discovery, the look on my face must have told a story, my wife, just staring at my face, then body, then face. Hun!, I told you, you would love it, how could anyone not love that feeling, and you look so nice, so pleased, so cute & feminine. She moved in to give me a hug that set my senses wild, my head just spinning, soft skin to soft skin, silk to silk, our hands were all over each other. She was right, I was different when in a feminized state and so was she, I felt my masculinity drift away, as I was captured by the way she dominated me, even our sexual positions were being more controlled by her. I couldn’t help but to just let it go, give in, be dominated.
In just a few short weeks, our young marriage had changed from the usual or average to something I could have never of imagined. As my nightly feminine wardrobe continues to creep slowly into the daytime I could feel myself powerlessly falling into a more passive role in our relationship. Most times, I could only muster up a weak argument or resistance to her progressing instructions. Because I worked from home, she would always hold the upper hand, reminding me that I don’t have to go out anyplace if I didn’t want to. Wearing panties all day, was now often being accompanied by the occasional matching bra, or even some body shaping underwear from panties to whole body suits. Even things such as tights and pantyhose were showing up in my dresser. I really didn’t mind the panties or even the constricting body shaping underwear, but the bra’s and full shapers were a bit a page turner, like a whole new arena of dressing, it also made what I was wearing under my clothes more difficult to conceal when I went outside the home.  Regardless of my complaints and objections, my instructions would only get more & more  increasingly detailed and specific. As the weeks continued it became evident I was much better off just following along, it seemed my wife would only step things up on days that I had to go someplace.
To be continued!
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just a word to your wife......... you go girl.

Wonderful story,cannot wait for the next instalment

Wonderful story ... I will defintely be eager to read more when you continue it, hopefully soon.

roll with it, its sure to get even better for the both of you.

Dream come true!

Let it roll man. It has been a pleasure for me. I get to be "the man" when necessary but with all of the silk satin lace attention who wants to.

wow!<br />
Entranced.<br />
I need more!<br />
Sweet Sven

It seem like every feMALE was to be totally feminised

Great story and very well written! Thanks for sharing this with us Indyrace. Hope to hear more.

I really like te story, I'd like to know if it's a true story of feMENisation

I hope you have thanked your wife for giving you the chance to enjoy the softer side of life.

Your wedding story reminds me of an experience I had with my wife But just the opposite. We were getting dressed to go to a wedding. My wife bought a new dress. After putting it on she looked in the mirror and was upset by the panty line. She started digging through her drawers to find a slip but couldn't find one of the right length or whatever it was that she didn't like about the few she owned. She then turned to me and asked if she could barrow a slip from me. After all she knows I own 100's of slips in all sizes and colors. It may have been no big deal to her But to me it was extreemly exciting to know that the beautiful slip she was wearing that day was mine. To know how exactly it was feeling on her because it was mine and I was sharring something so intimate. It made me so horny I couldn't wait untill we got home that night and help her undress and the rest is history.

A strong woman is such a turn on especially in the bed!

Sounds amazing.

we are so lucky to have such wonderful Princess's to train and dominate us. Their pleasure is all that matters. i am mow her wife and love honor and obey her at all times. i am proud to be chosen by her to be her sissy.