Forced Feminization

Once I went to a girl's house party. Because her parents weren't there we were able to drink and stay there for as long as we wanted. This lasted until the point, where the girl decided that it was time for everyone to go home. as i was about to leave, she grabbed me and pulled me away from everyone else. She told me she needed to show me something in her room and led me upstairs with her friends following. When we entered the room, her friends pinned me down on the bed and ******** me naked. Then they put a pink thong on me. I never knew this but the girl had been reading up on feminization and wanted to test it out on me. I was dressed in a short, tight black skirt and fishnet tights, connected with a garter belt. they then put a red bra on me with a white blouse which was way too small, so eveything was showing. They then put make-up on me and put 5" black heels on my feet. Then they tied my hands making me *** myself repeatedly while making me beg to be made into a girl. Now evey Friday the same thing happens, execpt now i am allowed to dress myself in whatever i want.

rachael123 rachael123 16-18 10 Responses Apr 17, 2009

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are you happy in panties now I hope so

did this ever happen with them again? why do you think they singled you out??

I would take those girls out for dinner and say thank you! enjoy, have a great day!

kool !!!

What great friends

u are a lucky angel, i wish someone will do that to me and make me her **** and slave as well all dressed up as her wish.<br />

You are so fortunate to have such good GF's

that had to be the best I want it to happen to me so bad.

I wish i was U

U lucky sob