Falling for a feminine way Part 2

As time went on I made almost none of my own wardrobe decisions, with absolutely no say about my under clothes or even what I was to sleep in. Not only was she in control of just about everything I wore from day to day, feminine or otherwise, but even how I took care of myself including my regular hygiene routine. It seems that, what was once was just a slight suggestion or a “hey you should try this type of thing” is now just simply expected, on times that I wouldn’t just continue something she asked me to try or do once she’d act a bit confused and ask me why or explain that she thought we had talked about that, then tell me to make sure I did it next time. Each time her responses would become more and more stern. She’s become very in control of our entire relationship but at the same time acted as if nothing had ever changed, like it’s been this way all along. One of the first times I had realized her control and domination over me was not going to stop with just inside our home was one Saturday morning together at a restaurant for a late breakfast only a few miles from our home. As usual at this point I was wearing a bra and panties under my male clothes that she had picked out, I really had no concerns that morning with my clothes, she had picked out a thick zip up sweater type top that canceled anything under quite well, it was cold so I had the additional protection of a fleece over the top of that. When we arrived and the restaurant that morning she hung up her sweater on a hook near our table then motioned for me to hand her my fleece to hang at the same time. What happened next took me completely by surprise, especially my wife’s response and facial expressions. Our waitress arrived with coffee, pot in hand to re-fill and as she leaned and reached across the table she rested her right hand on my back and shoulder to poor with her left. She put her hand right over my bra strap and as she slid her fingers across to explore it would give her absolutely no doubt in what she was feeling. I instantly looked to her face as she then looked down to my chest area. I immediately looked down to see what she could view and my heart sunk when I realized that she could easily view from her position the feminine white and pink lace bra I was wearing. Our eyes met again as she produced a one of those fake nice to see you smiles and then looked over to my wife who was obviously watching the entire event very closely. The look on my wife’s face was shocking to me, she gave the waitress a very devious smirk then said to her isn’t he pretty? I’m in control. The waitress let out a bit of a loud short laugh glanced back at me with a raised eyebrow then went on her way. My wife didn’t look at me or even offer a single word, like it didn’t even happen. A few minutes later I noticed our waitress talking with a few other waitresses as they all looked over in my direction. For the first time ever, I was completely outed, I felt so little, so emasculated, so not in control. Every time our or any waitress would be near our table, they would glance at me with the strangest grins and looks. I could not wait to get out of that place, as my wife took her time to enjoy every bite of her breakfast, even asking for more coffee after she was finished eating. When the waitress finally came with the bill she handed it directly to my wife saying thank you Maim, I can take that up whenever you’re ready, not even looking at me. On the way home I tried to talk about the incident, she was just blowing it off like it was nothing; she said, what’s the big deal? Why are you making this such a huge thing? I just could not believe how she was acting about this, how much things between us had really changed. She could tell I was angry I was becoming and in turn, making her angry. I told her this has to stop, and that I would not do this anymore, it’s just going too far. That’s when she got real mad responding with when are you going to accept that you have a sissy side that you are feminine, that you deep down you even like it. I’m just helping you be and experience what I know you and I both like. You will not only keep doing this but you will be stepping it up and doing much, much more. Honey she said, I think things are going great and I love you, I love how you look and act when being feminine and I know you love how it feels. I think all the waitresses liked the fact that you were wearing a bra and not in control. I’ll bet they all absolutely loved the idea. What do you mean, doing much more? What the hell! I said, how much more can you do? Once again, I just couldn’t seem to gain any ground or come close to getting the upper hand. Hun, we have lots of more stuff we can do she replied, I think an entire new world is opening up for things we can start doing together. An entire new world, what do you mean by that I asked? Oh come on! You know some of the next steps to make you as feminine as you and I desire you to be is. You must to know that all the girls at the salon are waiting your arrival soon, I talked to you about the girls at the salon all the time, and I told you they would love to meet you, they all love it when men come in the salon for any reason. You know that you can’t just keep wearing nylons, panties and bras under male clothes, tell me you wouldn’t like to experience the feeling of a skirt or dress softly moving to a summer breeze over your hair free nylon covered legs. Babe, you can act mad if you like, but you and I both know, you simply like it, I see it on your face all the time, she just stared and stared at me, I wasn’t able to respond or even look at her. I was totally confused, again my head was spinning, no idea of what to do or say. You need to just relax she said, I’m having fun and you should to, tell you what, let’s stop at the mall before we go home and just take a quick look at some dresses in your size, if we see something we both like I’ll go back later and buy it for you to try on in private OK? No thanks I replied, well then, she said, we need to do something fun to make you feel better. How bout, I give you a couple of options to pick from, we could either go shopping for dresses, shoes or even leggings or we could get a manicure together. Your pick! Your going to be feminine all weekend anyway might as well get something new. Hey, we could get you a cute dress then have your nails painted to match!

To be continued!
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2015

Please continue. Excellent writing.

The real question for me is- are you happy? Do you like being feminized and what it entails? Obviously your wife is all in. You need to make your own decision, realizing she likely wants to take you much further.
You write well and convey your conundrum. Please keep sharing.

Such good fortune doesn't come around very often. You are one very lucky man (and very envied). Keep up the fine reporting.