Seemed Harmless At the Time

when I was 16 I had a friend who I would hang out with all the time. She one day said that it would be fun to dress me as a girl. I thought it was fine it was not like I had any thing to worry about. So she took me to her room and gave me a bag . I was alittle confused she said that i just needed to put on every thing in the bag. I went in too the bathroom and I looked in the bag and found a CD kit with instructions...I followed all the details and then came out she then proceeded to put make up on me and dress me up....she then said this is how im to be dressed from now on .....and i became her bff girl friend...and still do it when ever we hang out....and now i want to do this as often as I can....

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1 Response May 5, 2009

you're very lucky! i wish i had a friend like that.