My Wife Has Feminized Me


Over the years my Wife has feminized me. I am not sissified, but I am definitely not the man I used to be. Mind you I’m not complaining but I am not the masculine guy I used to be. The change has been gradual and has been happening for several years.

For instance, my body is completely shaved and smooth. I wear panties 24/7 and have tons of lingerie. I rarely have vaginal sex with my Wife. She prefers to watch me ********** and eat my *** for her. She has a beautiful ******* **** and takes me both orally and anally. With my Wifes permission, I have my own personal ****** that I use on myself.

We have become much closer over the years. My Wife treats me more like her girlfriend rather then her husband.



Ronnie4 Ronnie4
11 Responses Aug 1, 2009

Truly beautiful.

Oh, how wonderful for you dear!

sounds like a fabulous relationship

somebuddy please contact me to feminise me

Such a lovely woman you have gotten yourself tied to. I hope you take good care of her and allow her to take you as far as she wants. Maybe someday you will be her cuckold sissy and fluff for her. It is her choice!

I Agree wholeheartedly with "Wishingtobe". More Women should Feminize not nly their husbands, but also their sons. Men and boys in dreses and skirts and NOT being Macho are the Best Males! Please, more women start Feminizing your males!

More women should realize the benefits of having a feminized husband or BF. First they will never ever cheat on you. Second, they will always want to please and serve you if you reward them with more and more feminine attire and treatment. Deep inside all men want to be pretty and kept. A true feminine male will always try to keep him/herself clean and attractive. No 5 o'clock shadow or dirty nails and hair. <br />
what i don;t understand is why women fight the need to control and feminize. They need it just as much as we do.

You are not the man you used to be and you love it giggle so go ahead and enjoy your feminity<br />
<br />

You are truly blessed to have such a good woman like that!

Ronnie,<br />
Your wife is a wonderful woman, you must cherish and love her. The gift she has given you, the gift of femininity is a wonderful thing. Know in your heart that she is truly special to have shown you this path and given you her guidance.<br />

Hi,<br />
<br />
My thanks to both of you for your kind words and support. My Wife has allowed me to develop into the person that I always wanted to be. <br />
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