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when i was 10 the neighborhood girls put a scarf on me like a little girl and laughed at me...i had wanted more all of my life...then when i was 27 i lived in CA and my gf at the time was very open minded and i told her one day that i wanted to wear her panties to work...she let me and said she thought of it all that day...she wanted me to do more which i was very ready for...over the next few months she went shopping for things my size and eventually had me totally dressed as a woman from head to toe...i mean heels, toenails painted, stockings with garters, panties, bra, silicone breast forms, waist nipper, skirts, blouses, dresses, jeans, pants suits, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, painted fingernails (on Friday and saturday nights), makeup (alot of experimenting) shaven body, subltely plucked eyebrows, wigs, growing my hair for a natural look, foam hip and butt pads, lingerie...within 6 months we had a whole wardrobe for me at her apt and i could do all my own hair and makeup to her exacting specifications...i could dress from man to very passable woman in just under 2 hours and we started to go out in public almost all weekend almost every weekend, even travelling my car for little weekends out as girl friends...we took it even further with sexual experiences, initially with both of us on a single guy, then her setting me up on dates and even double dates and even going out with other women on dates dressed as my female self, Jenelle...she introduced me to being a "total" woman in such a respectful way that i am still enjoying this lifestyle, only on my own...i miss her dearly, she found the luv of her life and moved's hard to find a woman like her, i never have been able to again...anyone know a beautiful open minded woman in PA?

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Try witchcraft. Buy an idol of Cybele (Magna Mater) from Sacred Source and circle it three times (I did clockwise, but try either direction) with lights and incense, calling the goddess into her image. Then pray to her for a new dominant girlfriend. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me, and I served a Domina for four years after that. When I gave the idol away to another (female) witch, the next month I lost my Domina. She got married to some other guy.

Girls like that are so nice to be around. You might find a TG girl to date as she would be totally open to such a thing. Just a thought.