More Than I Bargained For.

I liked to dress up in female clothes, and I just thought it would be so cool to have a Mistress that took it a bit further. I maybe dressed up once or twice a week, so I wanted a Dominant Mistress to tell me when to dress up, and what I had to wear.

I posted on several websites, saying I was a cross dresser who wanted to be Feminized and controlled by a strict Dominant. I never expected anything to happen, but then came Mistress Jade and she was serious about making me her Feminized Sissy Slave.

The fantasy of being Feminized soon became a reality, as Mistress Jade ordered me to dress up every day, making me more and more feminine with each passing week. Each day Mistress would inspect me, and the makeup had to be perfect, the hair done properly and I had to look as feminine as I could for her. If she was not satisfied with my efforts, I was punished by being put into Bondage restraints and sometimes I was whipped.

Then it all became a bit of a nightmare when Mistress forced me to buy adult Diapers and then to wear them every day, she told me I could never be anything but her sissy baby, and I must always wear female clothes and a diaper. I got more than I asked for.


sissybabylaura sissybabylaura
56-60, M
1 Response Nov 8, 2009

You're a very lucky sissy!