I worked at a facility for at risk youths for almost 7 years. I was fired in June of 2008, the day after I returned from vacation. I had gone the previous week on my off day to take my son somewhere. In the process, I passed a facility where a kid I had recently worked with was noted to be going or to juvenile detention. I made a u-turn and went into the facility, and asked the receptionist, "what do you need to do to get to visit a kid in your facility?" She asked the kids' name, I told her and she informed me he was presently there. She called down his direct staff worker, who asked me, "if I was affiliated with the kid through legal means?" I told her no, that I had worked with him at another facility. I told her the name of the facility, and what type of work I did there, how long I had worked there, and the type of clients I worked with. She in turn explained to me that I had to be on the kids list, or I would need to go through his worker to visit. I told her ok. She also told me that I should come and work at this facility, I told her no, once I get out of working with kids, this was it. She told me her direct supervisor was out that day and would return in a little over a week. She wrote down his name and direct number, and gave it to me. I left the name of my facility and the number where I could be reached. This was on a Thursday. I worked Friday -Sunday. Monday I was off and returned to work on Tuesday. Right after I clocked in, my supervisor's supervisor called me into her supervisor's office. I was informed that I had gone to visit that particular kid without having had prior knowledge from my facility that he was there. I talked badly about my facility, and that there had been previous involvements when this kid was still at my facility where I did not like the kid. I was then told that I was being let go, and asked if I had any questions. I stated that I just wanted to know if they were done talking, because I was leaving.  What pissed me off the most was that it had been discussed several times previously in meetings that juvenile detention or that particular facility would be the future placement of this kid. They made it seem like I had personally sought out this kid for unwork related reasons. Then they mentioned that the policy stated staff had to go through the facility to have further dealings with the kids. This may have been so, they showed me the paper, but whe I visited a female kid in the hospital who had called the facility and left messages for me to visit due to her having had a baby, I visited took pictures, showed them to my supervisor, her supervisor, and others, with no one ever bringing up policy procedure. When I tried to file for unemployment, it was denied due to misconduct of attempting to visit a prior client, I became even more upset. I never requested a hearing, because I honestly felt I should have left the facility years prior. I learned be careful about what you ask for, because the prior week, I had asked the nurse on duty, how do you know when it is time for you to leave a place, and I had been asking this for some time, evidently I never listened or heeded the signs. But what I want to know at this point is that I have been resistant to look for  decent employment, I have just taken any old type of job, currently housekeeping, and I destined for a life of unhappiness in work because of my firing, or should I look at it as a learning experience and move on. 

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That really sucks. I was fired as well, after working at a place for 20 years. Really hurts.