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My High School Teacher Flashed Me

I used to attend an all boy’s school. There was this female teacher; I’ll call her Miss French, late 20’s, slim and very attractive. She taught Art and Italian, both of which I didn’t take. However, we used to get daily updates from the boys who did as to what colour/type panties she had on.

When I was in year 10 (15YO) we had inter-school swimming trials. Now being in Australia every one swims like a fish, that is all except me. So I ended up get personal swimming lessons from Miss French. She wore this little black string bikini that had me almost popping out of my Speedos. It all started innocent with my in the water holding the wall practising my kicking, her was sitting on the wall directly in front of me giving me instructions. Then I stopped to listen to what she wanted me to do next, as she was telling me she raised one leg and placed it also on the wall and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Her bikini bottom had been pulled aside and her ***** was fully exposed. My face was no more the 2 feet away from her *****, she had blonde pubes and her labia minora were visible and wet. I didn’t know what to do, I remember trying not to look, but just couldn’t help myself as my eyes kept darting back. She lowered her leg and we continued the lesson. By the time swimming was over she had flashed me another 2 time. Instead of having a shower I bolted straight to the toilet and had a quick ****. In fact I have wanked off thousands of time over the memory of this.

When I told the guys what had happened none of them believed me. However, the learn to swim class the following week had 20 participants, including a state under 15 freestyle record holder.
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good story, I really loved it and smiled!

Sexy story!

Just wish I'd been in the pool that day too!

Well something inspired me to become a surf lifesaver.

I would of not told the other guys until a few more private lessons with her, you could of tried again to go for it, or at least seen it again, sounds like my kind of swim coach though, if I had her I bet I could swim better than I can today, which is just enough to get to shore maybe, no floating or nothing.<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

I was a late swimmer as well. This story makes me believe in the Creation again!

One way to get you into the pool.

I question to this day what she would of done if I had touched her exposed *****.

Well, if you did go for it, two things could have happened, she scolds you or she lets you get a fell, from the story it may of been the second one.

You sure got lucky but seems it was on purpose to get you charged up.<br />
Sure fire way to get her class size bigger. Kuddos to her and you for sharing it here.

Indeed it sounds like it was on purpose

What a good coach, she definately knows how to motivate her charges!