In A Coffee Shop

So I was sitting in a coffee shop, working on my laptop, and this 40 year old guy sits down at the next table. At some point, I happen to glance over. His fly is down and his penis is clearly visible. I mean, he doesn't have it sticking out, and it isn't hard, but, from my angle, with his fly down (and no underwear???), there it is.

I couldn't decide if this was creepy or just a funny accident, lol.
bonnymott bonnymott
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10 Responses Sep 22, 2011

i would guess it wasnt an accident. i will use this way to be seen

just creepy. But did you carry on looking or give a maidenly gasp and call the manager

Maybe accident, but ive used similar ways

Accidents ;like those are not accidents... for sure... lol<br />
<br />
I've had a couple accidents myself **escondido blushed upon confesing... <br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

i myself love to expose my **** by accident...i like it best if im hard. i also like to be caught playing with turn on!!

yeah i agree it sounds sorta creepy. but if he didn't feel the breeze, he might have been enjoying it.lmao

The guy sounds like a total douchelord, how would he not know his pork sausage was chillin outside of its cage? Wouldnt it be just a little drafty? I would have been a total *** and said something about it loud enough for everyone to hear... anyone that thinks they can or should put their pork sausage on display for all to see should be publicly humiliated unless they're a very well known handsome (not Ron Jeremy) pornstar, they need to make sure to put their play toys away... its so not cute.

Sounds creepy to me. And dangerous for the guy. What if he spilled his coffee? YOWZAH!

It was extra service in the Coffee Shop , so you will come again :)

I have forgotten to zip up, but I wear underwear. It is embarrasing. Did you mention it to him or the management?