I Was Fondled!! Was It You?

   I always keep my word - I pride myself on that.So I always pay off on bets I've lost.Thats why I was in the living room with my wrists tied together, fuly clothed and my arms suspended from the ceiling. He won, I lost, I was paying up. Lee won the bet and I was going to be fondled and whatever. But it wasn't going to be done by Lee, it was going to be someone of his choice. The only rule was no penetration by the guys penis.
  Someone entered the room with Lee and I heard Lee say " go ahead, she's all yours".  I couldn't see anything cuz I was blindfolded but I heard him approach and felt fingertios run down my sides, across my belly and up to my breasts. He pressed up against me from behind as hands cupped and squeezed both breasts. My blouse was opened and my straplees bra removed. My breasts were first licked and then sucked as if he wanted to get it all in his mouth as hands began to feel my ***. He moved away and around behind me and unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt which he slowly slid down over my *** and along my thighs down to my ankles Heavy breathing began as fingers run up,under the leg openings of my panties until they worked their way up to the waist band and excrutiating slowly rolled my panties down around my thighsand I heard him say " Oh **** yes!! "
 HIs tongue began licking every inch of my *** and ran from the edge of my ***** deep between my cheeks and up to my waist. I this point I don't know who was breathing harder, him or me. Finally, finally he came around to the front of me and the licking my *** received was nothing compared to the licking I was getting now. I think if his head would have fit inside of me he would have done so. He stopped licking and my arms were unhitched from the ceiling and I was lowered to the floor and onto my hands and knees. Smack!! Smack, smack!!  Again and again. Stings turned into that red burning pain of a spanking I love so much. I don't remember exactly what I said but I'm sure I was begging and pleading for him to **** me. But no, rules were rules. He moved arounfd front of me and lifted my shoulders so I was now kneeling and began to rub his erection all over my face and across my lips and nose. All of a sudden Splatttt, splattt, splattt , splat. I got a facial *** dripping from my eyebrows and nose onto my lips and down my chin. He rubbed his *** all over my face with his ****, even into my nose and ears. And then it was over at least for him.
  That was over 4 years ago. I've never been able to find out who the stranger was. It bugs me every single day. Lee won't tell me and I can't tell who it was. I figure it had to be somenoe from the neighborhood but I'm not sure. Seriously, was it you, the person reading this? If it was Please, PLEASE tell me. I want you to do it again!!!!

karenwetandwild karenwetandwild
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10 Responses Jul 22, 2010

wasn't me wish it had been me !

Sorry no wasn't me. Wish it was.

wasn't me, but wish it had been.:)

Amazing experience..

You tell a great story! ...sadly, it was not I.

I would have also been begging

You need to make another bet! And somehow lose. ;)

i wish i had been me . naughtygirl .

It wasn't me either, but I'll help with a thorough reenactment any time.

It wasn't me. I'm sure I would have remembered.