Fondled By Female Co-worker

So I'm standing there talking to this guy I work with, and this female co-worker comes up and stands between us with her back to me. I mean, right in front of me, annoying and on purpose to tease me. So I start massaging her shoulders, and she reaches behind and fondles my package! I had a semi. She whipped her hand away and giggled, and I got rock hard in like 1 second and I had to leave the room because there was another dude there! I wish she put her hand back there when it was hard! I e-mailed her later and said Thanks for the Reach Around!
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1 Response May 4, 2012

A female coworker stuck her hand in my bra I was at first caught off guard then embarrassed when I realized another co worker( a guy) was watching what's even worse the girl pinched my nipple no one has ever done that to me before so I turned around and took a peek at my nipple it was a very strange sensation I walked back to my desk sat down then took a peek again