Public Goes Private

It was the first days of school, schedule wasn't so busy as usual but my friend and I went to the library to find some literature. The library was almost empty - it was 7pm and the usual librarian was off duty. As we're frequent visitor of the library, we didn't find it hard to find books we need. We started reading and discussing, as normal kids do while in libraries.
The clock's ticking and it showed 8.30pm already, means we had to get out of the library soon. I closed my notebook and marked the page I read in the book, then I got up to keep the book in the corner shelf (the special shelf for books that you want to read more the next day). My friend was already there, piling his books in alphabetical order (he's always had this kind of OCD :p).
"Done with your books?" I asked. He nodded. "You don't read much today," he said. I told him that I already took notes from another textbook of the same topic at home, so I'm here to find answers I can't figure out from my textbook.
"Give me answer to this," he said while grabbing my waist. He kissed my hair and forehead, his hand moved up to reach my boobs and fondled them. I enjoyed it, so I let him do it for awhile. After about 5mins he realized that we're still in the library, so he stopped it. "We're not supposed to do it here," I said.
On our way home (he drove me to dorm - it's a mixed dorm so the owners won't mind if people from opposite sex come in, as long as we don't trouble them) he couldn't stopped staring at my ****. My boobs were pressed against the seatbelt, giving a naughty silhouette to the driver. I caught him staring at them, so I asked if he wants to stop by for awhile. He nodded and I took him to my room when we arrived. He's been to my dorm room so many times, so he didn't need to ask my permission to sit on the sofabed and watch comedy on TV while I was preparing coffee. Then I sat beside him, joining him watching TV (I rarely watch TV) and we had some good laugh. During commercial break, he started to place his left arm around my shoulder and whispered "I didn't mean to do it in public, you know," and giggled. "We're no longer in public place," I told him. We smiled at each other and he began to fondle my breasts again, now with more intense force. He laid me down, undid my shirt buttons, and with one hand he unhooked my bra. He used both hands to fondle me now-naked boobs, and I saw the lust on his face. "I've touched your sexy **** more than once," he said, "they're damn addictive." After releasing all the tension, he placed my palm on his crotch and said, "Feel it." "Hardening," I said. He smiled and said "Perhaps you'll be the first person to suck it - or the first person I grind my **** into. Might not be now, but I'm sure you will, someday." I told him I enjoyed caressing his crotch like that, and he replied that I can always do it whenever I want. "Fair payback, eh?" he said.
oddsters oddsters
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012