Two Days Ago

Ok, so I went to this girl's house (it's too soon to say her name) who I helped on Friday. I arrived there not expecting what would happen next. The girl takes me to a buffet. Then she told me to stay in the table while she gets some food. It's kind of unusual for an almost total stranger to start bringing me food, but she did and my goodness, she brought the mother load. The food looked so good that my tummy rumbled in front of her. I blushed, but she only said as she giggled, "Looks like your tummy what's some food now." So I shoveled the food down as she kept on bringing more plates. When I was really full, I told her and we just left to her house. Little did I know what surprise she has for me.
She has prepared for me two oreo pies, three dozen homemade cookies, a hot fudge sundae, and a homemade cake made from scratch which it's big enough for a small party. When we got there, my belly wasn't as full as before. So the girl told me to just sit on the couch and let her do all the feeding. She said that the only thing I had to do was chew and swallow. She then brings in the dessert, the sundae basically. She didn't let me hold the sundae, so she was feeding me. I have to say, it was so good and delicious. Then she brought in the dozens of cookies. She kept feeding me cookie after cookie until they were all gone. To be honest, I was beyond full when the cookies were done, I felt my pants tight (I bought new ones before the date, which I should've gotten a bigger size), and my belly is trying to escape from underneath my shirt.
I asked her no more food or that I might explode. She replied, "awww...poor little piggy. Have a tummy ache? Well, too bad. You're going to eat all the dessert I have for you whether like it or not!" She then grabbed one of the whole pies and spoon, and sat on my lap very sexually. I have to say that I was getting turned on and she knows it. She started shoving spoonful after spoonful of pie in my mouth while telling me that I'm a disgusting pig and all I wanted to do is eat and eat and EAT!
When the two pies were finished, the main course, the cake. This girl was fully aware of how full I feel, so she just pampered me. "Ok little baby. This is the last of it. All you need to do is eat and not move a muscle," she baby talk me, which was a good thing because I couldn't get up off the couch at all besides rolling off. She slowly shoves a huge spoon full of cake in my mouth making sure that I don't waste perfectly delicious food by throwing up. Soon enough I finished and I fell asleep. But as I dozed off, I heard the girl say, "that's a good boy. You are going to be so big tomorrow." And a kiss on my forehead.
Best night of my life. I could barely lift a finger, I got so fat, and I have a new girlfriend who is more than happy to feed me. How do I know, I woke up and she was making breakfast as she said, "Good morning. I made you delicious breakfast. I'm sorry for overstuffing you last night. If you think it's weird, you can walk out that door and never speak to me again."
"Why would I do that? You were so amazing when you fed me. You know, I do need a little help gaining weight. Do you wanna be my feeder?" I asked. She was so happy that she hugged me very tightly and kissed me multiple times in my lips.
"I would love to be your feeder girlfriend," she replied. So now, I'm gonna take her out, but she's gonna feed me ;)
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wait did this really happen

Exaggerated a little, like the cake. But overall, yes, it did.

well i wish that would happen to me

I wish it would happen again

Awesome experience!

Thank you



You're quite welcome! And may you two always be happy!

Unfortunately we aren't together anymore

Awww....sorry. *hugs*

It's no big deal. I just got to try even harder to gain weight.

Yeah, but it'll be worth all the effort!

I agree

A body full of jelly would rock!

Of course

Every little movement would send shockwaves through your body causing it to jiggle like mad!

That's barely going on at this moment unfortunately :(

Awww! Then let that motivate you to blimp up! :)

Oh, trust me that's staying in my mind and I'm definitely reaching there after I feel better

Awwww...get well (and fatter) soon!

That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to get well faster so I can go back to gaining weight and so my mom won't get involve

OK, I see!

:) ) (_._)

Double chin and a wide ***?

Right in the double chin, but it's not a wide ***. It's a belly being trapped by a waistline on a pair of jeans

That was my second guess. lol
:))) (_._)
( )( )
( )( )

Triple chins, belly trapped in jeans, thunder thighs, and cankles?

Yeah....look at my profile pic and you'll see how it was supposed to look!

That looks wonderful! I was going to point it out, but I forgot

And you know what's nice about the pic?

Big belly, thunder thighs, and cankles with a side face with a triple chin

Yes! And it's E X P A N D A B L E! lol

That's just wonderful

Just like all of us!

Of course, the more the merrier. The bigger the better

Working on that right now!

Same here

Good. Do donuts count? :P

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