Sissy Pink Plastic Panties

I was given a gift and now here I sit having been forced (in the virtual world) into pink sissy plastic panties...never thought I would wear something like this but soft and silky on the outside with pretty lace accents...and so wet and slippery on the inside...the feeling exquisite as I walk around...feels so hard to describe...but have to say that I love the feeling...and am sure that in time the inevitable will happen and I will "christen" them...

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8 Responses Nov 13, 2009

oh how I love a nice pink panty..Makes me very hornie and you know what I mean

my wife loves them with me. When she plans to spank me she puts a pink plastic panty on my pillow..This is a sign I was a bad boy and I will be punished some time today. It all started when she spanked me i wet on my moms dress. There will be protection fo her but not me. If it gets wet and she is spanking me with them on it makes the spank sting . It does hurt binkeyboy

I have a cute pair of bikini snap on pink plastic panties that I bought from , they fit very nicely around my cute little round bottom and feel GREAT ! I also bought a pair of pull on bikini plastic panties with little ruffles around the legs > they look so dam cute on my tight little round smooth bottom !!! My girl friend gets so turned on when she comes over and catches me wearing them.......

Everyone wants to wear plastic pants till like I have to wear them everyday. Sometimes, its a lot uncomfortable and hot while wearing them. I dont get to take them off when I feel like it like all you guys do.<br />
Just have fun as much as you can, but wearing plastic pants give a person diaper rash more than you want to have it.

i would love to be forced into a pair of pink plastic panties for being naughty

i have like four pairs of pink plastic panties, and tammy check out great selection good stuff,, i order from there all the time, been doing this so long,,, got a pair size xsmall for that tight restrictive feeling and add a little lube and try walking around and cleaning, takes only minutes before I find myself freezing as the explosion hits my body,,, best sexual act tosatisfaction without using my hands lol, each pair has a purpose and size.... baby I love you rpc and I did try to upload some of me in my panties best but couldn't kept getting errors and to large a file and so on ,,,,

I wish i could aford baby plastic pants,,,,

I so want to see you in them.<br />
You have seen me in my pretty pink plastic knickers now it is payback time.<br />
I am so pleased that you like them.<br />
<br />
baby<br />