Forced To Wear Plastic

 My wife is downstairs watching television, and, as I have finished my assigned tasks for the evening, I have time to write this, and I am still wearing the plastic skirt, apron, and panties that I have had on since I arrived home from work. This arrangement started a few years after we were married. I have had a lifelong attraction for wearing plastic garments of all kinds, but particularly panties. When we were married, I assumed that this would become a thing of the past, and that I would be obtaining all my gratification by making love to my wife, now that we would be together and able to love each other as we wished.

It was not very long before I found out what others too discover…that a special attachment is a lifelong thing, and never goes away. From what little discussion we had had about our preferences in general or mine in particular, I gathered that she would be quite intolerant of my continuing to wear plastic panties. Therefore I resolved to keep it a secret from her. Since we are both employed and she has a widely varying work schedule, this seemed to be a workable arrangement.

In fact it did work reasonably well for several years, but there came the inevitable day - a hot summer day -  when she came home quite unexpectedly and came upon me lounging in our fenced backyard and wearing nothing but a pair of clear plastic panties. As soon as I saw her I jumped up and said, "I'll go and change right away!" but she replied, "That won't be necessary. Just go in and mix me a nice cold drink and bring it out here. It's been a long, hot day, and I'm tired." When I returned with her drink she accepted it and told me to sit down. I complied, wondering what would happen next, and in a very worried state.

After we had sat for a while she asked, "Do you love me?"

I said, "Yes, with all my heart."

"Then why are you wearing that plastic?"

I answered, "Because I love to wear it, and I have found out that I cannot live without it...any more than I could live without you."

"Well, I've suspected for some time that you hadn't given up your fetish. But I didn't know for sure until today. What a sight to come home to!"

"I really am sorry..."

"Sorry won't get the job done this time. There will have to be some changes made. Do you have any other kinds of plastic stuff to wear besides panties?"

"Yes," I answered, crestfallen.

"Do you have any aprons?"


"Well, go put one on, and get busy in the kitchen. I'm hungry, and I feel like being waited on tonight."

I got out a clear plastic apron, donned it, and set about preparing dinner. When I had set out TV trays on the patio and served our chef salads, I started to take off the apron, but she said, "No, leave it on. You do like to wear plastic, don't you?"

"Well, yes, but..."

"Sit down...let's eat," she invited.

So there I sat, clad in my clear plastic panties and apron, in a most unsettled state of mind. When we were finished with our meal, she said, "I think I can see a way we can make this work. I've been really dissatisfied with the amount of housework you've been doing. We both work about the same number of hours, but I end up doing 70 or 80 percent of the housework as well as my own job. If you want to keep on being married to me, and if you want to wear plastic, here's what you'll do: first, as soon as you arrive home from work, you'll undress and put on plastic panties and an apron.  Then, you'll dust and vacuum the house, wash any dirty dishes, straighten up in general, and make dinner after I've gotten home. Any time I'm here, you'll wait on me as I require. When we go to bed, you may take off your apron but you have to leave your plastic pants on. In the morning you must take off your plastic pants, and shower and dress normally for work. On your days off, you'll wear the same garments from four in the afternoon on. From here on out, your normal afternoon and evening uniform around the house will be plastic panties and a plastic apron. Is that clear?"

"If that is what I have to do to stay married to you, that is what I will do. I could never be without you."

So that is how I have lived my life since then. It has been several years, and there have only been a few changes. Shortly after that time when she was online she found in my list of favorites a website that sells all sorts of plastic garments, and since then a translucent plastic straight skirt has been added to my at-home uniform. She buys a new plastic apron or skirt from time to time for me to wear; it is up to me to keep myself supplied with plastic panties.

Although I am still able to wear whatever plastic garments I choose when I am at home by myself (and often do), the decision of what to wear when she is home is always up to her, and she always requires me to wear my plastic panties, skirt, and apron.

It really does seem that my forced skirting, to coin a phrase, has helped us to have a happy marriage. We still love each other very much. It is probably true that I was not carrying my share of the housework, and it does seem that the house looks better nowadays.

It seems weird to be wearing plastic garments so often at someone else's behest, but in a sense it is really as a result of decisions I have made. At work I look forward to coming home and changing; I have come to feel comfortable and secure in my plastic outfit, with the panties snug about me and the skirt and apron swishing against my legs as I move about the house. 

Note: This is a work of fiction, which however is autobiographical to a considerable extent.

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You write very well.