Misstress Maureen

from the age of fourteen until i was twenty i baby sat for a couple of my mothers friends one of which was Maureen. she was divorced with two kids aged four and one. she was twenty years older than me and from the first time i meet her i had a massive crush on her. she was 5t 11in., two inches taller than me, with long black hair and a 38c 24 36 figure and long sexy legs. the kids where normally in bed before she went out and i would wait half an hour or so before checking that they where asleep. i would then go into Maureen's bedroom and ***** naked. i would then go through her drawers and select a bra and knickers, suspenders and stockings and quickly put them on. next i would open her wardrobe and select a dress or skirt and top and get dressed. i would often put some make up on and with my long hair i felt and looked feminine. i would spend the evening dressed this way until i knew she was due home before changing.
i would always check out her laundry basket looking for her worn knickers. i would sniff them feeling my self getting aroused and i would ********** while sniffing them, usually laid on her bed. i would try not to mess the clothes i was wearing but a few times i would get some of my ***** on her knicker or stockings. when this happened i would rinse them out in the sink before hiding them at the bottom of her laundry basket. i would usually also put the knickers i had be sniffing back in the basket but a few times i would steal them. the stronger her scent on them the more chance i would either have them in my pocket when going home or even better i would be wearing them. i resisted the impulse and strong urge to nick her sexy knickers and instead would take ones i thought she would be less likely to miss.
one night, when i was nineteen, i followed my usual routine and had dressed my self wearing a red bra which i padded out with tissue paper, and a matching pair of red satin knickers. and long denim dress which came down to my ankles and which buttoned from the hem up to the neck. i left the top couple of buttons open flashing the bra, and i left the buttons undone from the hem up to just above my knees. as i walked would flash my leg. i fished a pair of white knickers from the laundry basket and was soon laid on her bed rubbing my growing **** through the knickers i was wearing before pulling them down and wanking my self. i lay there still holding my shrinking **** my ***** all over my hand, my face still covered with a pair of her worn knickers. it was then i heard a door close and jumped up and stood looking down at me was Maureen. i got of the bed and started mumbling how sorry i was and started to take her clothes of. Maureen sat on the edge of the bed and told me to leave the dress on and to pull the knickers up. when i had done so she told me to kneel on the floor in front of her. as i knelt there she said, " i knew you where going through my wardrobe and my drawers but never thought you where actually wearing my clothes."
she told me i would have to be punished for wearing her clothes with out her permission and ordered me to take of her dress and lay across her lap. she then gave me a dozen hard slaps across my knicker covered arse. she then stood up tipping me in a heap on the floor and told me to take her under wear of and get dressed. she then went down stairs leaving me to get changed. before i left she told me she wanted me round her house at seven the following night, adding if i did not show she would tell my mother about catching me in her clothes.
the next evening Maureen told that she expected me to pay her for the knickers that i had stolen by letting her dress me as a maid and for me to do every thing she told me to do. she said that for each pair of knickers i had stolen she expected me to work ten hours. i was so confused by how i felt, part of me wanting to say no feeling so embarrassed and ashamed, yet part of me also wanting to say yes please, as the thought of being forced to dress up and to serve a mistress aroused me. Maureen toke my hesitation as reluctance to accept her punishment so gave me the intimation to do as she said or she would tell my mother and friends. with bowed hesd i meekly said okay which cost me a slap across my face. " that should have been yes mistress. you will call me mistress at all times and you will only speak when spoken to, understand?"
i answered " yes mistress." and was ordered to go up stairs and to change into the clothes she had left on the bed. there was a black bra and matching french knickers and black holdup stockings along with a black maids dress and white apron. i quickly ******** and put them on then went back down stairs. Maureen had me doing her house work, ironing and fetching and caring for her. if i was not quick enough doing some thing she would scold me and slap my leg. when ever i passed near her where she was sitting she would stroke my leg or pat my bottom and i spent the entire evening with a semi hard on. just before midnight she had me kneel on the floor in front of her, she said that as i had been good she was going to give me a treat. she stood up and removed her dress then sat back down. i looked at her naked body and my **** was instantly hard. she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled my face between her legs hard up against her moist fanny. she pushed me away and told me that was as near as i was going to get she told me to get changed to go home. just before i left she said all we had to agree on now was how many pairs of knickers i owed her and how many hours work i owed her in payment. she said she had come to the figure of thirty pairs of knickers and i owed her three hundred hours. i had counted how many pair of her knickers i had taken as i still had every pair, her count was wrong i had in fact taken twenty two pair. i plucked up the courage to tell her that she had got the wrong amount. she gave me a stern look and asked me how many i thought it was and i answered "the correct amount should be forty one pairs mistress, which means i owe you four hundred and ten hours work."
Maureen smiled as she knew the real amount. for the next year i spent nearly every evening being Maureen's maid doing alot more than the agreed amount of hours, neither of us bothering to keep a proper count. apart from when i was ordered across her knee for a spanking the nearest we came to sex was when she would play with her self and order me to play with my self, if she was in a really good mood she would occasionally allow me to lick her juices of her fingers.
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WOW, that would be Heaven.

fabulous story!!! many thanks for sharing!!!