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No one forces me, I do it willingly. When I am home alone I put on my maids uniform and do all my household chores dressed up all pretty. I have been caught by the neighbors kids once while taking the garbage out, I only go outside in the back yard I'm not bold enough to go out in the front yard...yet.
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i have since found the courage to not only go out front but also go out in public. i go to the market and run errands, i get a lot of looks and some compliments. ya know ya just gotta do it and stop worrying

the more us gurls go out in public the more used to it they will become we have to be the pioneers so it become ok for those that follow us

i just got back in from running my errands. i wore a denim mini tan hose black calf high boots 3 in heels and a nice top i got at goodwill. put on some lite makeup earrings and rings. i think i looked great. got some looks at the market and at the post office. yes i was nervous, but i still went out, you have to confront your fears.

oh the girl at the check out complimented me on my boots too

cool i hope you took some photos so we can see how you looked i like doing errands dressed makes it all more fun rather than things you have to do

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just need to work up the way to go out front

IT all depends if you are able to go out as yourself without risking any problems with your family or friends or work etc for you or the rest of your family and your approach - see below

A) approach A is trying to look feminine and not willing to go out until you can pass as female and for mot men that could be a long time

B) approach B is being bold enough to just go and do it - and as they say just be YOU skirt, heels and stockings and all!

It somehow doesn't seem like chores at all, when you'r dressed properly for it. ;-) x

doing the house work is so much more fun when dressed in my sissy maid uniform

I understand the feeling

You go gurl, and be sure to thank you Mistress ;-) Keep up the great work.

A Maid's outfit is great fun if worn with big knickers and stockings.