I Was Forced To Become A Sissy Boy.

   This all started when I met this knock out looking girl who soon after meeting her, moved in with me. She was very nice looking with a great want to have body. She also was a bit different acting on certain things but I could not put a definite finger on it. One night she asked what secrets I was hiding? I said I did not have any, she said every one has a secret and I will tell you mine if you tell me yours. I told her that in the past I had cross dressed once in a while. Hers was very different from mine and looked at her with discus. She could tell I was not okay with what she had done. We did not say much more that night and went to bed.


  A few days latter she was storming mad when I came home. She said that I was not to judge her by what she had done in the past just as she didn't judge me. I had said nothing about in since that night and had blowen it off the next day. It must have been eating at her tho. I assured her that I was not judging her and to forget about it. What was done in the past is left in the past and to forget about it. I asked her what I could do to prove that it did not matter to me at all. She said cross dress so I know you have done it. I told her I had no clothing any more.

   The next day when I came home from work she was happier and I didn't know why. After I had my shower and went to dress for the evening I found her and a full set of female clothing set on the bed with shoes. I asked what was this and she made it clear that I was to cross dress as she watched and I was to stay in them until I went to bed. After some short protesting and a few words I dressed as told. She was delighted in how I looked and said that I looked great. I stayed in it until bed time and as I was undressing she tossed a baby doll nightie with matching panties on the bed, saying you will wear that to bed tonight. The next night the same thing took place and I told her that I had shown her my cross dressing and that was going to be it.

   She told me that she had gone out and bought me a weeks worth of clothing for me to wear. I refused to put any of it on but when I came home the next night she told me she had taken most all of my cloths to the thrift shop that day. In disbelief I went to my closet only to find all female clothing in it's place even my dresser was full of garter belts, panties, bras, nylons & pantyhose. I only had enough male clothing for three days so I was to wear the work clothing two days each set. I had no male underwear just panties to wear, I was in disbelief when I seen it.

    From then on I was dressed as female every night and went to bed in a nightie, becoming used to it she took full advantage of it. She has the sissy male she wanted. She denied me of sex after some time she was gone when I came home finding out she was out having sex. when I complained she would tell me that she would always come home to me at the end of the day. Then she would jack me off and let me ***. I also started accepting this. By this time four years had passed and she had in deed turned me into as sissy boy and now was slowly cuckolding me. Coming home telling me of the big **** she had that day and if I was lucky she would let me lick her clean of his remaining ***. I had been eating my own *** when she jacked me off for the past six months or so but didn't want to lick her clean.

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This is a fantasy that many males have. It is fun to read about the experience of someone who is comfortable being forced by someone he cares about to be feminine. Since this was posted several years ago, I wonder how you are now?

In for a penny might as well o for the pound!

You are so lucky to have some one in your life who understands your needs and has made you into what you really are. a sissy boi! I wish I was so fortunate.

Very hot.

Wow great story, thanks for sharing :)

Mmmmmm....what a very cummy story dear!!!!!

Really great story !

I too am a closet sissy. I am trying to convince my wife to have a boyfriend but she is reluctant.

Great story, thanks for sharing it.