Bike Shorts

not exactly being forced to dress like a girl, but as a boy from 5 to 14 years old my mother forced me to wear lycra bike shorts, which were mainly worn by girls!

Anyone else suffer from lycra between 1991 and 2000?

johnb17uk2001 johnb17uk2001 26-30, M 3 Responses May 5, 2012

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Just looked at your pics. You were certainly a head-turner! Are you still as cute and sexy now? Maybe an up to date pic??????

did you have much of a package to show off in those lycra shorts at 5-14? did any of your mates take notice?

I admit I didnt have too much down there at the time! One mate certainly took an interest and he would find ways to make sure I was wearing them whenever we met up.

what age was that when the mate took a definite interest? did he ever want to **** it with you