Forced To Go To Party As A Girl.

When I lived with my grandmother and aunt, my aunt  was invited to a  party and she needed a companion to attend with her.  Since grandmother was ill and couldn't go, auntie made me go with her instead.  I was 12 at the time and had large breasts for a boy.  So auntie insisted that I go to the party dressed as a girl because with a little enhancement  I could easily pass as a female. 

So she bought a dress my size, panties, bra, nylons, etc.  The day of the party I was told not to drink anything, and while she was dressing me up I learned why.  After auntie made my face up, she had me take off all my boy clothes so I was standing before her naked.  Then she used a wide flesh colored tape to smooth and hide my boy bits.  Next she had me slip on my panties and in the mirror I looked as smooth as a girl down there.  The padding added to my bra made me more convincing.  With my face made up with lipstick and eyeliner and shadow,  I look liked a teenaged girl.  Then she put on my wig and helped me put on high heels.  Fortunately she showed me how to walk in heels so I would be convincing at the party. 

At the party auntie introduced me as her visiting niece, Fran.  My voice hadn't changed yet and was still high pitched like a girl, so it made the charade even more convincing.  Everyone believed I was a girl, even the teenaged boys who came up to talk to me.  I have to say that I loved the attention.

One boy, his name was George, even asked me to dance.  But I told him I didn't know how to dance.  So he asked if I wanted to go outside and talk and get some fresh air.  So I went with him.  He asked if I'd like to sit with him in his car and listen to the radio.  Once in the car he embraced me and kissed me on the lips.  Next I felt his tongue snake its way into my mouth.  It felt strange at first, being kissed by another boy and having his tongue in my mouth.  But he was a good kisser and I soon began to enjoy his affection. 

Unfortunately he put his hand up my dress and started to feel me up.  Since I didn't want him to learn my secret, I got out of the car and ran back to the party.  Auntie saw me come back in and motioned for me to follow her to the powder room.  She giggled as she fixed my makeup, and said I must have had a little fun with the boys.  When we got back to the party, George  apologized, which I accepted.

On the drive home, auntie asked if I had a good time at the party as a girl.  I told her that I did.  Then she said:  "So aren't you happy that I forced you to go?"
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I love this story!! It's even better that you loved George kissing you!!!

That is pretty much what i went through

cool story and it is kinda the same what i went though

What was your story?

me losing a bet and forced to dress up like a girl

you should read it some time

I'd like to read it, but I can't access your profile to find where your story is listed.

just look it up it is forced to dress like a girl

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nice story, i take it you liked going to the party?

Sure did. It was nice all the attention the boys paid me.

What a family you have!