Made To Dress By My Uncle

When I was about 15 or so I stayed with my uncle who was around 40. I had quite big boobs for a boy and he said they would look great in a bra. He waited until I was bathing and when I returned to my bedroom to dress all my own clothes were missing and on the bed were panties, pantyhose and a bra. He came in and said that if I didn;t want to get cold I'd better put them on. I wore them for the rest of the evening and when it was bed time a ladies nightie was on my bed so I had to wear that as well. I felt reallly sexy especially as the nylon material rubbed against my nipples.
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Okay, not being judgmental of you filyboy. From a personal standpoint I live with 2 women so no lack of sexy clothing. Sometimes I indulge a little whim of their's on rare occasions so I get where you're coming from about the feeling of women's clothing though it's not my particular "thing". I can see if you picked this up from a girlfriend or someone you love or something you just do on your own time, but your uncle... I hope I'm not the only one that thinks he has some notion towards ****** which probably is neither a good or mentally/physically healthy thing for you. There are even as I understand, STD's specific to ****** that are deadly as I hear and they're also known to be diseases of ****** by doctors whom depending on your age might call Child Protective Services. I think you're probably a good person but I'd hate to see the damage that could come if your uncle goes farther is all.

how long did that last?

What your uncle did was cold.