Forced To Turn Her On

i'd say it was about the time i was 22 or 23. we were starting to bound
as if we were one. she wanted a girlfriend to be with and date.
when she dressed me as a girl she called me maria and i loved it.
but it all ended 7 years ago. maria is still inside me and she wants to come out, and play
mrd1977 mrd1977
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I get that.! Good luck.

have you found someone since this last posting? Maria should never go away, but be allowed to grow and explore her feminine world. has Maria found someone? I'd love to hear more thank you for sharing

Maria is still around and there's someone. It's a long time friend and she said she saw Maria back 29 years ago but it was too risky then she said she would love to see the feminine side.

I hope you keep us posted. I would love to hear how Maria is doing with her friend.

Will do

Oh I forgot to mention Maria is a little scared to really come out

If you want to see a picture I can show you

Yes please!!!

I'd love to see Maria also.. if you're still willing. Can I ask how Maria is these days? Thank you for sharing all this here on EP.

She's good but only comes out to play when I let her

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Need more details. How did she dress you ?

I one of her mini skirts