I was forced a few times but having said that only the first couple of times I was really forced after that I started enjoying it so was deliberately finding ways to trick people into either forcing me or dare me.

But the first instance that I remember was when I was quite young around 5 I think. My mother took me with her as she went to visit a friend of hers. Her friend had two girls one older than me by a year and one my age, (which is how our mothers met apparently at a birthing clinic or something).

Anyway I can remember how it happened but I ended up being forced to be dressed up by them in a summer dress tights and shoes as well. I remember fighting them until our mothers came to see what the noise was about.

My mother and her friend thought it was sweet how I was protesting but also thought it was funny how cute I looked so decided that they should get everyone ready and head out to the local park and restaurant for food.

So I ended up being dresses up fully with a little makeup and being taken along with them for the whole day.

Just one of a many stories I have but really the only one where I was forced. MSG me if you want to hear more.
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Isnt it interesting how many people who started out being forced to dress in public ended up doing it volunatairly in secret?

There is a amazing link yes that is true. But I hardly do it in secret now lol I'm out to almost everyone I know and love going out and hitting the town with my gf to try and pick up men.

I would agree, but is it the fact that the experience of the clothes or is it that you are excited by doing something that sci inert views/viewed as wrong. Look at YouTube now and see how many more teens there are that can apply makeup like any normal teen or model.
Personally I don't know what started first (chicken or egg scenario) but I know I used to try to put my self into situations where I would be "forced" and I use that lightly to dess up. Mainly it envolved using physiology to make people think along that route dares were easy ways of getting people to forced/dare you. Older siblings that know u tried it once or that u pretend to hate it seemed to also be easily lead. The small comedy about how easy it was for girls ect lol.

Sorry now I realalise I'm waffling. Lol.

That's alright. I used to be the LGBT trans rep for Cardiff while I was there 5 years ago so used to give speeches and debates on this.

For me there are many elements that make this very hard. Firstly can a child be brought up transgender not in my opinion but this is more about people understanding the terminology. So Transgender being Someone who feels they were born in the wrong body. (Now there are a very high number of crossdressers and transvestites who Think they are in the wrong body). 95%+ of the time they are incorrect which is why before starting life changing hormones or surgeries u need to Speak to a therapist or two and get their confirmation before a doc will permit. A lot of crossdressers see it as a form of escapism. But ask them to come out to their friends and they run a mile.
Now do I think you can raise a child in an environment that they are free to discover them selves yes. Problem is the society we live in is so set in it's ways it's hard. It's only now as I was saying earlier it's becoming more and more except able to be an effeminate male.
But if you were to raise a child not knowing the difference between boys and girls then they would just dress how they see others and if that means in solely female environments then they will be more pushed that way and vice versa. Children are blank slates and unfortunately everything from cartoons to the Lego u buy for them is and will affect them.

Oh my! Dressed at 5. With your mother! Did she continue allowing you to dress? Did she help, making sure you wore the proper clothing?

Not really she did dress me one more time that I can remember but it was more my sisters and cousins who continued to fuel my curiosity. When I as about 14 she started getting mad at me and my sisters for still messing around, I guess it's because she just wanted me to grow up as a normal boy.

I want to hear more

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