Mrs. Anderson

in tenth grade i had this teacher mrs. anderson . she was in her early forties and super strict about every thing . we were in a small town where we could walk to school and walk home . so it was  always after school detention  was never a problem .  mrs . anderson was the worst for after school .you would sit in your desk and write sentences .now she did not just sit at her desk she was right in your face and circling you the whole time .you are going to learn not to disrupt this class , you will complete your s like she was teasing you she was attractive standind right in front of me her hands on my desk almost touching me .then she would pace in a circle almost touching her *** to the desk.forcing me to look at her *** , then glance up to see her glaring down at me .keep your eyes on your paper . i was writing  i will not throw paper and durring mrs . anderson s  class . well on this day we had hot dogs for lunch and untill have way through detention i felt fine .then it hit me all at once that i had to take a crap bad . i could feel myself getting hot and sweating . my stomach was making noises . she was right in front of me talking in her firm voice making things 100 time worse .i want to open my mouth and tell her i had to use the bathroom but i could not open my mouth .i felt my bowles moving and tryed to close my *** as tight as i could .  as i stopped writing  i could her her voice you will write the hole time you are in here you understand  as i looke d up my s eyes watering i studdered mrs.  um  but  . mrs  i nedd  ummm need  to go to the bathroom . there will be no breaks for this hour and you will write the hole time and if you don t you will get paddled untill you start writing again .i could not stop holding and shifting in my chair my *** was trying to open up and i had no controll . i closed my eyes and was holding it in as hard as i could when i felt her grab my arm and stand me up . then bend me over her desk  she had a pattle in her hand and before i knew it she hit me hard this stopped me from having to go for the minute .she hit me 5 times and pushed me back in my chair i tryed to start writing for a minute but i was agian feeling my bowels moveing even stronger  agian she pulled me up by the arm and bent me over my desk  as i was bent over i started to lose controll  she hit me one time and it made a splat sound  she just stopped i stood there bent over i could not move slowly pooping my pants  . i could here her talking but i don t even know what she was saying .  after a  few seconds of having a accident  poop came out full force with sound and smell  like a big load you could see clearly hanging . i was shaking and felt the paddle at super speed hitting me fast and hard . then she grabed my arm and take me to the office  you are calling home to tell your parnets what you did and come pick you up .

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thats sexy

Cool experience! What was the reaction of your parents, comedy or drama? I have had the same experience but, it was with my mom. And believe me, she wasn't happy. Course I lauged, briefly.

great story

i bet the first five licks hurt, but after that, I know they didn't. My parents always told us, if you need to go to the bathroom, and the teacher wouldn't let you go, then go to the trash can, and go there. I did it just one time, and that was for ******* in the can. The other times was just pooping in my pants, at the door.

i've never been hit in school . but have first hand knowledge of how some teachers can be real jerks i' m a 18 yrsold male and i'have bladder and bowel troubles when i have go i have go and my doctor gave a note for the school so have permission to leave class any time well mid way the year we had a sub and when i tried to leave to go she stopped me i told her i had go she told me i had back to my seat and raise my hand and ask for permission when i did she said i had to wait i told her i could'nt she said to bad i tried to tell her to check well talk about being humiliated and embarrassed i could'nt hold it ended up messing & wetting self in front the hole class

the teacher sounds like a meanie for sure!! Great story, glad you shared it! Must have been humiliating for you though! I know I would be upset! I had similar experiences in school with some teachers & was humiliated, so I understand. I hope you stunk her out good!!

kind of nice but also a bit twisted at the same time manipulating you like that and hitting you for what it sounds like for doing nothing. still love ya though thanks for sharing