College Professer Dream .

i always dreamed about being a college teacher . i don t know how many movies i have seen where the lovely girl is saying i will do anything to pass . well that is always sex are giveing head in the movies or news when they get caught .  in my dream job world  have a beatiful girl who was slacking and failing my class . out going girl who loved having fun and would have sex to pass my class. i would hint like i would work with her and there are ways to pass this class .  the reason i pick her as my fantasy girl is she is very very poop shy . i over hear about how she won t go unless she is alone and at home .i hear talk how she will always hold it . she would live at dorm with dorm mates . she would anly go when she was there alone . so when she would come to my desk 4 days till the end of semester . she would look at me and ask me what she would have to do to pass my class .  i would tell her is you take my make up test and pass or come close to passing i will work with you . you must study with my student aid for 3 days after school and then take my test . so i came up with my study plan for her and made sure my aid was there right after her class and stayed till her room mates got home . and lets say the dorms are locked during the day giving her no chance to go for three days . knowing she will not go to the bathroom for three days . i was ready for my make up exam . i told her the room was to be locked and she had to try the best she could . maybe i would have a pitcher of drink for her to drink , maybe some high power laxitives in it . i knew in her mind that  she was thinking about her room mates going home and how after my exam she would go yto her private apt. and take a big crap .   as she was standing at my desk i could see some signs of desperation and i could tell she had to go .  as i kept her standing in front of me drinking her special drink . i was explaning the rules  how she had to try her best , the will be no breaks  if she does no do her best  she will not pass my class .  i told her another professer wood grade this test and i would help her answer some of the questions .  so that all i am willing to do to help you pass , but if you mess up this chance i will put you over my knee and spank you  understand .  iwould be firm and f and that was the deal .  she agreed and i handed her the 20 page test . as i was handing her the test i could see her having a cramp and feeling her tummy .  she was wearing her grey pants tight were tight all ovver . as she was answering questions fast i could see she was getting more and more desperate . i heard a small fart i think . i moved over closer to her and was reading her answers .  her face was pale  and was almost sweating . i went back to my deck and was watching her closely she was shifting in her seat and one hand was holding her tummy .  she stood up and walked up to me legs pressed together and one hand was behind her back . she said i left the oven on i need to run back real real quick .  as she spoje i had my phone in my hand and pressed maintence .they came in right over the speaker . i told them to go to room 453 and check for the oven being on . her face went pale as she stood there . she started to bend over and hold her tummy . she was poop shy she still could not say she needed to go .  please i am sick  let me run home and get my medicine . i told her the rules she had to finish the test no breaks .  she kind of walked slow back to her desk and sat down . she was writing very fast .  i  saw her body tence and her face turn red . i pretended not to be looking . she made a small grunting sound . as i looked back she was leaned forward with her *** off the chair .  she was writing super fast .   as she tenced up agian she lifted her self a little more off the chair . but this time a lump was touching the chair right in the middle of her *** .   when i noticed her sitting so funny she stood up and said i need to strech and was writing standing up .  as i walked over to her to her side she turned her *** away from me . she was still writing and as i moved she kept her *** away from my direction .  she was on page 17 when she stopped writing . she stood gripping her desk butt pushed out .  i heard a bubbling sound . she walked over and told me was very sick and had to get her medicine .  she was standing spread legs one hand behind her back . balancing the poop sticking out hoping i did not notice . i said ok you need to break the rules i let you run back to your room . and i walked to the locked door . she waddled over to the door saying i be right back i promice . i  sat in my chair right next to the door with my hand on the lock. she was still a few feet away when she had to bend over . . as she got right next to me looking at me with her eyes watering but pushed out trying to hide her sitition . i grabbed her arm and pulled her across my lap . i told you if you break the rule you are going to get spanked .  both of her hands went to cover her *** . as she pleaded for me to wait till she got back . her hands were cupping her turd that was sticjing strait out .  i hit her on the left butt cheek . please wait till i get back .she pleaded and kept her hands covering the popp . i said move your hands . i spanked her hands pushing her hands into the poop flating it out .  it was like the cork holding every thing inside . she was wiggling like crazy and talking then shut up all of a sudden . her body went completely ridged .  i spanked her on the side of her butt again . her hands still covering her accident . a big splat noice came of of her . and then another . her hands could not cover any more .  please my oven . then she made a agh sound, with a load faet and then another .  there was a half gallon of poop under her hands .  i grabed her hands and pulled them to the side . with my other i spanked her hard for three times . please i be right back stop let me go get some medicine .  i said i think you have another problem and you are not telling me . still pretending like i did not know . i held my hand gently on her *** ,  and said tell me why you really want to leave .  she starts studdering  i neeeeedd  to  ummmm ,, well i have to um.  i have too  gooo  to the  ee baaaa .she stopeed there . she could not say any more . a super fart noise came from her  and a bad smell filled the air .  her ridged body was pushing the biggest load of poop into her pants i have ever seen .  now she was busted . load and forceful acccident right on my lap .   so tell me now why you wanted to leave . um i did have to go to the bathroom. . as i started to spank her  harder and harder  telling her if you need to go to the bathroom  you have to tell someone so you don t get yourself into these troubled . after 15 smacks i felt my legs getting wet . i asked her if she needed to pee to . not any more as i got wetter and wetter .  so i hope you learned your lession young lady .  you just passed my class .. .

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i'd love to shot on you, than feel you in my ***...

nice hope your dream come true one day. love to have a teacher like that