i was 11 and wasn t aloud to go uptown without permission(with for that matter) i was hanging out at the park when i see my mothers car rolling down the street..i should have gone in my pants then but didn t..we went home and my mom had just had surgery not to long before this event so she asked my aunt to spank me...i had to go to her apt and she made me lie across her lap in my underwear(hurts)she started whaling on me with a brush,this event of the day had scared me so much i loaded my pants right there...she was pissed...made me lean over the chair looked at what i had done cleaned me up and gave me a bare bottom spanking for not asking to go uptown and pooping my pants

afulldiaper1 afulldiaper1
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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

i would love to go while someone spanks me that would be hot